Talk about the application of CAN bus in different types of elevators

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With the continuous development of China’s socialist economy, these skyscrapers were built at the speed of visible to the naked eye, these often hundreds of meters colossus is different from previous low-rise buildings, simply relying on human want freedom of action in these buildings are not realistic, believe most of the people couldn’t climb the layers will be panting.Therefore, the corresponding elevator system is installed in these high-rise buildings.They can be seen not only in the high-rise buildings after they are built, but also in the process of building floors, the up and down elevator plays a huge role, whether it is to transport people or building materials, it is essential.After a high-rise building is completed, its interior will be installed with different types of functions of the elevator, the main type, there are up and down and inclined rolling two kinds, they not only bring convenience to our life, from another point of view, actually also caused danger:The first is the back and forth elevator, generally speaking, it is the most common type of elevator, mainly responsible for the rapid movement of people and items between different floors.Because it moves straight up and down, it runs faster, which is its advantage.But generally, it’s a fully enclosed type, because you don’t want to see a dark elevator shaft when you’re riding in an elevator.But the problem also comes, if it is normal operation, it is good to say, if the elevator because of different reasons (press the wrong button caused by the system crash, passengers overweight caused by the control system failure) stop working, then the results will be unimaginable.Its internal passengers may do a foolish thing because of emotional tension, such as forced open the door in the elevator shaft channel caused by falling, and insufficient oxygen trapped because time is too long and faint shock, etc., if the inside of the regular touch and catch up with the elevator are overweight, the suspension wire rope is easy to fracture, the result is who all don’t want to see.Another common type of elevator is the inclined plane to and from the elevator, the specific scientific name I will not go to check, only said that it is about the application of the place we know which it is.Between the floors of the shopping mall, there will often be automatic operation of the elevator connection, its speed will be adjusted according to whether there is someone above the automatic, very intelligent.However, there are also risks, the most serious is that the pedal at the starting point or the finishing point may be opened, and people are easy to fall into it and cause casualties. There are often similar reports in recent years, if you are interested, you can refer to them by yourself.The second is that compared with the up and down type elevator, oblique type elevator to stand to particularly focused, otherwise it is likely to slide down, causing casualties.In order to make the elevator better for human services, reduce the harm of the elevator to human, we must start from two aspects to deal with.First of all, subjective consciousness must pay attention to the danger of taking the elevator, not overmanned, not playing on the elevator slapstick, when taking attention.In the objective aspect, we should let the elevator operation get better control, choose more excellent industrial communication system as its control carrier, in this aspect, CAN bus is undoubtedly the best choice.Welcome to come to me to discuss more CAN bus related issues.