Some consult to end happily, others to end badly: emotional intelligence is low, or lack of skill

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What is the correct posture for consulting a lawyer?Nowadays, social communication tools are extremely diverse, including mobile phone, QQ, wechat, SMS, email and so on.But which kind of transportation is more suitable, many people do not know how to choose.Even because of the wrong way of communication, resulting in the final failure of communication.For example, someone consulting a lawyer must first add wechat, and then specific consultation, it is easy to cause consultation failure, because some lawyers may think that even a phone call is not willing to play, just want to use free wechat consultation, probability is a person who does not respect other people’s labor, the consulting effect can be imagined.Visible, want to consult success is not too simple, or need to pay attention to skills.○ Two pay attention to the following points, the probability of success may be high: 1, make an appointment in advance.Most lawyers have a lot of work and a tight schedule. Of course, there are some lawyers who have nothing to do every day. Of course, the quality of these lawyers is also questionable.So, if you want to consult a reliable lawyer, it is best to make an appointment in advance to see which method of consultation is more appropriate.Is to meet consultation, or telephone consultation, or wechat communication.No matter how you communicate, show respect by leaving the decision in the other person’s hands.In this way, the probability of success will certainly be higher.2. Willingness to pay.The merchant delivers the product, needs to charge, the lawyer delivers the product, also needs to charge, but the lawyer delivers the product and other merchant is different just.A lawyer’s product is intangible, such as legal services, including legal advice.Some people may feel that the lawyer does not say a few words, why to charge?So, as long as one hears the lawyer consult to want to pay to be particularly disgusted, even hate, think lawyer and black heart business is the same, is profiteer.In fact, this mindset needs to change – expensive is good.Paid consultations are likely to be effective.If you don’t even want to pay your phone bill, you just want to take advantage. What lawyer would?The somebody else oneself read a book more, also can raise oneself ability, why raise free consultation, output does not please?In fact, most lawyers do not necessarily charge fees, but they often encounter those who just want to take advantage of the client, which is more disgusted.After all, lawyers would starve to death if they were only collecting consulting fees.Lawyers want a sense that their knowledge is respected.Even the idea that a client is willing to pay for it is worth it.So, even if you don’t want to pay for a consultation, don’t come across as someone who just wants to take advantage.That way, at least, I can get by.3. Put yourself in others’ shoes.What is “empathy”, is to stand in the perspective of the other party to consider the problem.Their behavior will not cause additional burden to the other party, because their telephone consultation or wechat consultation, most of the probability is free, at this time if you do not understand empathy, and then add some unnecessary burden or trouble to the other party, the consulting effect at this time can be imagined.For example, some people just want to save things for themselves, so they just send dozens of pictures to lawyers and forward them through wechat.This will bring a lot of trouble to the lawyers but also one by one to slowly view ah, if we organize the pictures into PDF format in advance, can be sent once.Of course the results are much better.Some people especially like to send voice when consulting, a voice for 40 to 50 seconds, if the lawyer can not understand once, but also repeatedly listen to, especially a waste of time.In fact, it would be more convenient if it were possible to send text.And the text actually will be easier, using the IFlyTEK input method to speak directly through the voice into the text, recognition rate is particularly high, almost no typos, much better than typing effect.○ No free lunch for three days.If you really want a free lunch, you need to work on something else.Just like pinduoduo said yesterday, in order to earn the 800 yuan, you need to invite hundreds of friends to register pinduoduo. It is not sure whether you can get pinduoduo.Even if you earn 800 yuan, your time, energy and favors may be more valuable. After checking, it is not sure whether you earn or not.Visible, free, perhaps is the most expensive.It’s also possible to think ahead and buy things that cost more and probably end up getting more out of them.Because, after spending a lot of money to buy goods or services, sellers will certainly pay a lot of energy to improve the quality of goods or services, after all, quality and value still need to match.Unless you’re dealing with a real liar.The upshot is that expensive is good!Coveting cheap is not always a good thing…Author: Zou Yujie lawyer nine chapter criminal defense founder;Founder of Anhui Lawyers Portal;Jin Asia-pacific (Bozhou) Law Firm Director……Goal: poor 20 years brute force, save 100 lives!