Pingguo city to carry out pre-festival fireworks season “illegal” law enforcement inspection

2022-05-11 0 By

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, fireworks sales into the peak season, recently, Pingguo City emergency management bureau to further strengthen the city’s fireworks safety supervision work, severely crack down on illegal operation, storage, transportation fireworks and other illegal behavior, effectively eliminate fireworks safety accidents hidden danger, has set up two law enforcement inspection group,Deep into the area of the township (town), village dragnet inspection, major renovation, law enforcement by the township (town) government, police station strongly support.The inspection will take the measures of “mobile inspection, joint law enforcement, severely cracking down on illegal activities, and joint efforts to manage illegal activities”.First, the fireworks wholesale enterprises to implement the main responsibility for safety production, beyond the scope of licensed operation and sales of illegal products, storage and storage of excess drugs, excess distribution and distribution to retail outlets without licenses, the purchase and sale of “combined fireworks with foam partition”, the implementation of six prohibited behaviors to be inspected.Second, the fireworks retail store (point) whether with the “fireworks retail store (point) safety technical specifications” provisions of the safety conditions, whether there is not in accordance with the provisions in the designated area to sell firecrackers, whether operating unqualified fireworks products, illegal operation of fireworks without a license and other behaviors to check.Three is to check and regulate all kinds of shopping malls, grocery stores, supermarkets and other offerings sold in the mixed fireworks behavior, check the area of the villages, streets flow illegal business stalls, check whether there is illegal storage of “hidden sales of firecrackers” behavior.Of 12 villages and towns so far 135 fireworks business units universal coverage, a total of 89 items found safe hidden trouble, supervise and urge the scene immediately corrective 89, licenses revoked one retailer, is yesterday inspection team to check the haicheng street, only found a store He Mou, law enforcement to the concession stand to review found a layer of the room has 23 cases of fireworks,Inspection team confiscated on the spot in accordance with the law, merciless, let the crowd on the scene to understand the majesty of the law not to be trampled on, in the fireworks “non” action in the law.Pingguo City Emergency Bureau Party Secretary Guan Yuqin said in the remediation activities:Production safety without little things always put people’s life and property safety first, strengthen the propaganda, to each big management place, without a licence firecrackers point area or intermittent inspections, found a abort a, to keep the crackdown on high voltage regulation, make illegal operations, storage, transport fireworks actions have no place, to ensure production safety issue, pingguo cityFor the general public to spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.(Huang Zhongyou, LING Wenxing) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Ye Bin)