Deng Hua, the founding general, fought two beautiful battles. Why was he removed from his post after returning to China?

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In the first ceremony of the early days of the founding of New China, Deng Hua was awarded the rank of general, which represents the country and the people’s high recognition and praise for his military life.He not only took part in the revolution very early, but also perfectly commanded the seizure of Hainan Island and the war against the United States and aid Korea these two major campaigns. However, the general who beat back the Kuomintang in this way and surrendered the American soldiers was removed from his post by the government after returning to China and sent to Sichuan to be a “vice governor” who could only manage agricultural machinery?Deng Hua was born in 1910 in a small village in Hunan province. At the age of 17, he joined the Chinese Communist Party at school and became one of the revolutionaries.He joined the Communist Party and the Red Army together through the Kuomintang “encirclement and suppression” operations.During the counter-encirclement and suppression period, he carried out many difficult tasks and led his troops to outmaneuver the three Kuomintang armies in large numbers, thus gaining much time and space for the other comrades to withdraw.Marco Polo bridge incident in 1937, the sino-japanese war broke out, the initiative of the communist party of the kmt-cpc cooperation, unification of resistance, he responded positively, then his command from a superior, led the 685 group to cooperate with the KMT, ping xing pass laid the shock at that time of battle, ping xing pass this war to invade Japan defeated and flee, bloody war out of China for the first time.Since then he has been as 685 regiment’s political director, responsible for the soldiers during the war of resistance against Japan’s political concept to guide the work, so he is not only excellent military literacy, and political quality clearance, by Lin Biao called “military and political all-talented”, by Lin Biao appreciation after his official position all the way up.In January 1949, Deng Hua had grown up as the general commander of the 15th Corps, he led the 15th Corps to follow the pace of the Party to liberate the country, from the northeast to Hainan every battle he was in.In October 1949, the 15th Corps arrived at the border of Hainan Island, at this time the defeated Kuomintang tens of thousands of people all crouched in hainan Island, they know that the Communist Party has no experience in water warfare, but also no large boats crossing the sea, so the liberation of Hainan Island is the most difficult task in the war of liberation.In order to capture Hainan Island, at least tens of thousands of people were required to land and fight on the island. At that time, the whole army could not assemble two large ships, so it was a big problem that the soldiers could not land and fight on the island.Deng Hua came up with a solution to this problem, asking soldiers to disassemble them with the engine of a truck, place them in a fish basket and place them in a large wooden fishing boat, and then let the soldiers disguised as fishermen to smuggle themselves to Hainan Island.In this way, day after day, as the advance of the number of soldiers landed on the island has reached ten thousand.Then Deng Hua bought many medium-sized ships from abroad, and the ships full of soldiers marched to Hainan Island, and began the landing war on Hainan Island. At this time, the advance troops who had landed on the island received deng Hua’s order, and went to attack the positions of the Kuomintang defense artillery department, delaying the time for the soldiers on the front battlefield to fight on the island.As many as 60, 000 people landed on the island, and those who did so captured hainan island with heroic action on land. Chairman MAO later praised the battle.After the war, the war broke out, Chairman MAO said deng Hua troops just completed the hainan Island battle accumulated a lot of combat experience, then ordered Deng Hua to repair some immediately to Korea, as peng boss’s right-hand man beat back the American army.Just to the Korean battlefield of Deng Hua led the 13th army annihilated the Forces of a division of the United States army, and soon after hit the world shocked the Battle of Shangganling, the United States army was temporarily hit by the sky troops can not find the north.After hearing the news from the front, General Peng Dehuai said to people around him, “Deng Hua is really a fierce man.”In 1954, Mr. Peng returned to China because of illness but could not rest assured about the Korean campaign, and petitioned Chairman MAO to transfer the duties of the general commander to Deng Hua.Hearing this suggestion, Chairman MAO said to Mr. Peng, “I am also extremely relieved that deng Hua is entrusted with the task.”In this way deng Hua became the general commander of the war against the United States and aid Korea, which lasted for many years until the American army surrendered.Unfortunately, shortly after Deng Returned to China, General Deng hua was affected by the unjust case of General Peng, and was labeled as disturbing the military. Finally, he was removed from his military post and sent to Sichuan as a vice governor in charge of agriculture and production.Deng Hua himself did not think it was difficult to go to Sichuan. He thought he was a great general who could contribute to the country in troubled times and a good governor who could serve the people in peaceful times.Soon after Peng overturned the case, Deng Hua was also reinstated, he never had any complaints, teach his son is to be a man step by step, to devote himself to the revolution.Conclusion General Deng Hua, the founding general, experienced countless wars in his life, many times in the battlefield to save people, and eventually became a senior general of our army.After becoming a general, he commanded many wars. He not only beat away the Kuomintang and recovered the land of the motherland, but also protected the friendly countries around and surrendered the American army.After returning to China, Deng Hua was dismissed from his official post despite his wrongful conviction, but he never complained. No matter where he is, he has been quietly dedicated to the motherland and the people. Let’s pay tribute to the most lovely people.