“Bridge CPPCC” the 10th session of the First meeting of the Tianqiao District Committee of Jinan City successfully concluded

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On the afternoon of February 25, the closing meeting of the first session of the 10th Tianqiao District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was held.Zhang Jianming, executive chairman of the Presidium, presided over the meeting.District party committee secretary hanwei enterprise, district party committee, deputy secretary of the generation of warden qing-guo zhang, a district committee of the 10th meeting of the presidium and zhang, chairman of the standing, district party committee, deputy secretary of politics and law committee secretary Zhao Bo, a district committee of the 10th meeting of the presidium, chairman of the standing Chen Lemin, Cui Zehua, ShangGuanSheng, Chen Shiyang, Li Chuangui, Yang Shengqiang, general assembly, secretary general of the xin-long zhao to attend the meeting and the stage in front of the sat.Zhang Zhaosen, director of the district people’s congress (NPC), the ninth district people’s political consultative conference chairman pan rui, jinan hanree new material industrial park management committee director of the division, the district people’s congress standing committee of the party group secretary 闫培胜, district party committee standing committee member and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, area supervisor committee DaiZhuRen li, district party committee standing committee member and minister of united front work department, wang xin will be district court wei-min sun, the chief prosecutor sealing area administration,Ma Jingmin and Zhong Tao, vice chairmen of the ninth district CPPCC, and Wang Faqing, member of the deputy district Party Group, attended the meeting and sat on the rostrum.At the meeting, Zhang Jianming announced the announcement of the first meeting of the 10th committee of the District CPPCC Chairman, according to the election results, Zhang Jianming was elected chairman of the district CPPCC;Chen Lemin, Cui Zehua, Shang Guansheng, Chen Shiyang, Li Chuangui and Yang Shengqiang were elected vice chairmen of the DISTRICT CPPCC.Zhao Xinlong was elected secretary-general of the District CPPCC.Yu Yan and other 37 comrades were elected standing members of the DISTRICT CPPCC.The newly elected chairman, vice chairman and secretary-general of the 10th Committee of the DISTRICT CPPCC met with members;Meeting examined and approved the flyover district of the 10th Chinese people’s political consultative conference committee resolution of the first meeting of the standing committee work report, the Chinese people’s political consultative conference of the 10th flyover committee proposed the first meeting of the standing committee work report of the resolution, the tenth CPPCC flyover committee meeting for the first time proposal review report, Chinese people’s political consultative conference tenth flyover committee meeting for the first time a political resolution.Han Wei, Secretary of the CPC District Committee, made an important speech. He pointed out that during the meeting, members of the CPPCC, with high political responsibility and full enthusiasm for performing their duties, conducted in-depth consultations on major issues concerning the reform, development and stability of the district, made active suggestions and made suggestions, and effectively played the role of the CPPCC as an important channel for consultative democracy.It fully demonstrates the mission and responsibility of CPPCC members in the new era to fulfill their duties for the people.Han wei stressed that over the past five years, the district CPPCC and its members have closely adhered to the two themes of unity and democracy, had the courage to take responsibility and actively performed their duties.By focusing on the overall situation of the CENTRAL committee and pooling its wisdom and efforts, the central Committee has set up a platform for joint governance and consultation at the district level, district departments and sub-district communities, forming a new pattern of “1225+” consultation and deliberation of state affairs, effectively helping the District Committee make scientific decisions and take targeted measures.We conducted inspections and consultations on medical care, poverty alleviation, the building of civilized cities, and the renovation of old residential areas, with a focus on the well-being of the people and the implementation of policies to improve people’s wellbeing.Focusing on self-development, innovation and optimization of the system, the CPPCC took the lead in opening consultation studios among districts and counties in The city, and set up consultation studios in all streets and communities where conditions permit, to promote the extension of CPPCC consultation to grassroots levels.The work of the REGIONAL CPPCC has shown a good situation in which consultation and deliberation of state affairs are weighty, democratic supervision is effective, the CPPCC has done something to boost development, and self-construction has a good image.Han called on the new CPPCC and its members to focus on the central work of the district, conscientiously perform the functions of political consultation, democratic supervision and participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs, and embody new responsibilities, show new achievements and make new contributions in the grand practice of building a strong modern district.First, we need to comprehensively strengthen the Leadership of the Party and unswervingly uphold the two principles.To do the work of the CPPCC in the new era well, we must take a clear-cut stand on politics. We must take upholding the two principles and upholding the two principles as the highest political principle and fundamental political rule, internalize them in our hearts and externalize them in our actions, and apply them to all aspects of the CPPCC’s work, thus fully demonstrating the distinct characteristics of the CPPCC as a political organization under the leadership of the CPC.We must strengthen overall PARTY leadership, fully implement the Party’s political propositions, study the Party’s innovative theories, and reflect on the work that needs to be strengthened and improved to ensure that the CPPCC always moves in the right direction.Second, we must focus on the overall situation of the central, unswervingly service spanning rise.The DISTRICT CPPCC should focus on the overall development of the district, show greater achievements and make greater contributions in serving the “three-year rise” and promoting the construction of a strong district.We need to focus on the overall situation, make suggestions and contributions, leverage our strengths to promote our people, address concerns and help people’s wellbeing, and make them feel happier and more secure.Third, we must hold high the banner of unity and democracy and resolutely build broad consensus.We need to do a good job in building popular support. We need to mobilize all the positive factors that can be mobilized, pool all the positive energy that can be mobilized, and continue to build consensus and synergy.To play a good unity “harmony”, sung endeavour “loudly,” continued singing “open, tolerance, honesty, enterprising” spirit of bridge, bridge good story, passing bridge good voice, the better the superiority of the people’s political consultative conference system into powerful potential energy to overpass global rise, strive to create a new situation of the strong bridge to speed up the construction of modern area.Fourth, we need to continue to strengthen our sense of responsibility and improve ourselves.We need to inspire our sense of responsibility, enhance our ability to take on responsibility, and establish an image of courage and responsibility to better serve the community, the people and society.Han wei stressed that the CPPCC is an institutional arrangement with Chinese characteristics and its work is an important part of the overall work of the Party.The DISTRICT Committee will, as always, attach importance to and support the CPPCC in performing its functions in accordance with the constitution, incorporate the CPPCC’s work into the overall work to make plans, incorporate political consultation into the decision-making process as an important link, and effectively strengthen and improve the CPC’s leadership over the CPPCC to provide a strong guarantee for the CPPCC to perform its functions.Party organizations at all levels in the region should vigorously support the work of the CPPCC, consciously accept the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, conscientiously handle the suggestions, opinions and proposals of the CPPCC organization and CPPCC members, timely study and solve major problems in the work of the CPPCC, and create a strong atmosphere in the region that attaches importance to and supports the development of the CPPCC cause.Zhang pointed out that when chaired the meeting, secretary of the hanwei enterprise’s important speech, affirms the achievements of district committee of the Chinese working sent a strong all-round construction of a new era of socialist modernization area of bani, made clear the new focus of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), for the Chinese people’s political consultative conference at various levels in the organization and pointed out the direction of all the Chinese people’s political consultative conference member, must learn to grasp earnestly, pays special attention to the implementation.Zhang stressed that in the past five years, nine area under the leadership of the district party committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference, under the guidance of chairman pan rui, adhere to the development in the inheritance and innovation in the development, conscientiously fulfill the functions of political consultation, democratic supervision, participate in, and strive to explore, aggressive, to life, productive work, made a positive contribution to our economic and social development.It has accumulated valuable experience and laid a good foundation for the work of the new CPPCC.The next five years will be an important period of strategic opportunities for us to build on the momentum and make great progress.The 13th Party Congress of the District made a comprehensive plan for the construction of the district in the next five years. We should closely focus on the goal of “comprehensively building a strong socialist modern district in the new era”, keep to the integrity and innovation, take responsibility and move forward bravely, and contribute the wisdom and strength of the CPPCC to create a new situation of the reform and development of Tianqiao.The conference closed with the solemn national anthem.(Correspondent: Su Han) Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)