A minute of typing 30 qualified

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A minute of typing 30 qualified.1, typing a minute about 30 qualified, typing is the need to choose input method, baidu input method, wubi input method, Sogou input method and other input methods, we type in the process, choose the correct input method is very key, Baidu input method or relatively fast, in typing.2, typing is a single word, word, phrase, sentence, for a single word, we the pinyin input word, and then in a word sequence, choose the required words, in terms of input, input the first letter of certain Chinese characters, generally there will be a corresponding word, and then to choose, for idioms, idiom can enter the first letter, also can output.3, just learn to type, a minute basically about ten words, after practice, to master some typing skills, every minute the number of words will be improved, generally a minute can reach about 30.4, different types of people typing requirements are not the same, normal 30 words a minute can cope with a lot of work, if the typing requirements of the industry, such as the clerk, the occupation of typing requirements are relatively high.Typing is a process of practice makes perfect. As long as you keep practicing and working hard, you will improve.