A 17-year-old girl is despised by the whole school for being “pregnant”

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In the process of contact with others, we will be uncomfortable because of other people’s strange eyes, as well as various reasons.This is not only for adults, but also for minors, especially for those girls who “steal the forbidden fruit”, the suffering is far more than we imagine.There is a 17-year-old girl from the United States (alias Xiao Jia), her grades are very excellent, kind to people, and very capable, she is the eyes of the heaven jiao, all people like her very much.But before xiaojia graduated from high school, she “got pregnant” and her perfect image was instantly destroyed.The teacher and classmate all use strange vision to see her, in her backside gossip, point to her, and even people pour dirty water to her……Even xiaojia’s relatives began to despise her, despise her, abuse her, say rude words to her, although the reality of the environment no matter how unbearable, Xiaojia also silently endure.However, when Xiao Jia was six months pregnant, she showed up on stage at school, picked up a microphone and exposed her fake belly in public, shocking all the teachers and students present.It turns out that Jia wanted to investigate the situation of campus bullying through her own experience, so she pretended to be pregnant. In order to make the scene more realistic, Jia deliberately showed pregnancy sickness and other uncomfortable reactions during the fake pregnancy, just to make everyone believe that she was really pregnant.When the truth was revealed, Xiaojia told about her experiences in the past six months. When she finished, the audience of teachers and students began to cry and admired her courage and creativity.Each in the process of growing up, more or less have encountered “misfortune”, perhaps in everyone’s eyes this is a conversation after dinner, but for myself is really a kind of harm, even affect her life.In fact, the problem we mentioned above may also be encountered by many children in daily life. After all, children themselves do not have certain recognition ability.And from some of the above problems, we can recognize that their children, perhaps in the school may also suffer from some cold violence.So we, as parents, must be aware of how much harm such problems can cause our children, and learn how to help them reduce the pain, so as not to cause more tragedy.When most parents educate their children, they want them to “study hard and make progress every day” in school.But in fact, the environment of children is not a single, they are not just learning to be able to spend in the campus.We cannot understand the nature of young children, especially some contact between children, is likely to cause problems, this time school violence is likely to cause.I have seen such news before, there was a child who was suspected by other students of stealing their earphones.So, this child outside the school will be another child crowded in the corner beat, did not expect is because of such a behavior, resulting in the child in class to half of the time coma, fortunately, the teacher will be sent to the hospital in time, otherwise the consequences can not be imagined.After hearing this, his parents said, I told him to stay out of trouble and study hard at school. How could this happen to him?Sometimes excessive let the child honest, and can not solve any problem, after all, those who stick up, will not bully you because you are honest.How can parents protect their children from cold violence at school?For a bullied child, the experience is one they will never forget and may even cast a shadow on.Then parents should teach their children how to avoid cold violence at school.1) Spend more time with children, let children full of security those who often suffer from violence, their characteristics are more obvious, not a lack of security, is the heart of inferiority.This situation is mostly related to parents’ education. If we want our children to live a normal life in school, we must make them full of security.Let the child understand that no matter what problems arise, mom and dad are their most solid rely on, then the child will be willing to tell their parents what happened, but also reduce the harm to the child.Some parents are completely ignorant of their children’s school situation and even unwilling to attend the parent-teacher meeting. This situation will naturally lead to children’s inner dissatisfaction with their parents.For a long time, they may not be willing to communicate with their parents. Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation for a long time, we also hope that parents can do a good job and have more contact and communication with their children.In such circumstances, parents naturally have access to more effective information about their children.3) teach children about bullying violence after the child was sent to school, the parents may not be able to all aspects of care for children, so parents can keep in touch with the child’s class teacher or the teacher at any time, don’t ask about the status of the children at school on a regular basis, one thousand children really met with violent bullying, parents will not be kept in the dark I don’t know.In addition, parents should teach their children some skills to protect themselves in daily life, so as to keep their children away from harm.Parents are the only thing their children can depend on, if their parents don’t help them, who else can they rely on?Therefore, as parents, when their children are hurt, they should not kick them when they are hurt, but give them help, otherwise they may push their children into an endless abyss.Parents who want to teach their children how to protect themselves, develop empathy, resist and ask for help can check out the picture book “How to Say” No “Out Loud.This eight-volume picture book selects eight situations that children are most likely to encounter as the theme of the story, teaching children to identify danger in time, say “no” to unreasonable demands, and master the principle of self-protection.I don’t like being laughed at, I don’t like being touched, “” I don’t like being bossed” “I don’t like being rumor” “I don’t like things be plundered” “I don’t like being pushed” “I don’t like being nicknamed” “I don’t like being out of picture books not only in very close to the child’s life language and images that produced the sense, discern to contact bullying around,In addition, “tips” are added in the corresponding position in the picture book to remind children of “what problems need to be paid attention to” and “how to resist.”Friction and bullying between classmates is very common in kindergartens and schools, and it is important for children to learn to say “No” loudly!Parents who need to click the link below to buy!!