Watch Tesla’s fully autonomous test version 10.9 in Detroit

2022-05-09 0 By

Despite the updates, the technology is still befuddled by the city’s traffic cones.Tesla owner Tony Is back in town in downtown Detroit, testing the latest Tesla Fully autonomous test version update 10.9.You can check out his previous videos to see how much (or how much) FSD Beta is improving.However, we will tell you in advance that the technology is still difficult with traffic cones.That said, we’ve seen early versions of the technology with great success in building cones.In the meantime, we watched some beta testing videos that proved that the car was completely befuddled by the cones.So what’s the reason?Is tesla’s FSD Beta system likely to behave differently in Detroit than it does in other U.S. cities?At this point, it doesn’t matter that there are over 60,000 people testing this technology in many parts of the country, whether it’s Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami, right?There are now tons of videos showcasing Tesla’s FSD Beta system.This means we can go back and see how the technology originally worked and how it improved (or didn’t) with each update.In this particular video, we can see that FSD fails in areas where it has been successful in the past.At the same time, it has been impressive in other areas.Now that more people are testing the technology in different locations, it seems that FSD’s struggles and successes may be independent of the testing location.Instead, it seems the technology is very inconsistent.When it works, it usually works well.When it doesn’t work, it can be downright scary.Welcome to Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.8 in Detroit: Is the welcome signal to FSD 10.5?In any case, Tesla owner Toni Ezero does a good job of filming and discussing the car as it tries to drive itself.Watch the video and let us know what you think.Can Tesla claim that FSD is, in fact, “fully” self-driving technology?Do you find that beta testers have inconsistent views of the technology?Is the technology itself so inconsistent, or is it the opinions of a variety of people, tolerance and editors who chose to beta test it?