Make cluttered Spaces look new: This new class has magic

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“Look in the wardrobe. Is it all right?””Satisfaction!I have a real headache sorting things out, and I feel happier with my life when I look at things that are organized.”A few days ago, the reporter follows arrange receive division Lu Ruiyan to come to a client home, saw the process that arrange receive division serves a client, also heard the affirmation that the client works to its.Since last year, organizing and organizing has been listed as a new profession, and more and more people are paying attention to the once “niche” industry as it grows in popularity.A lot of people think that organizing is all about organizing cabinets and folding clothes.Actually otherwise, look in Lu Ruiyan, arrange receive division is collect diagnose, arrange, guide the new profession at an organic whole, receive look be like simple, contain however a lot of invisible “kongfu behind the curtain”.Lu Ruiyan used to be a training instructor for the elderly. Because she was in the homemaking industry, in 2019, she came into contact with the occupation of organizing and receiving division, and she also likes receiving at ordinary times, so she started a new career.”The first step in the door collection is to empty out, put all the items in one place, and ask customers to ‘break away’.”Lu Ruiyan introduced, and then according to the frequency of the use of items, customers’ habits and other categories, by classification to determine the location of the items, the last is to arrange step by step.The storage process also requires a lot of tricks.”Sweaters, down jackets, pants and so on have different storage and processing methods, but also according to the needs of customers to organize.””Dark clothes should be separated from light ones, and long and short clothes should be placed in order to make them look neat and uniform,” said Lu.Lu Ruiyan introduces, it is the client feels the thing in the home is too much commonly, the space is not enough to use, just arrange receive division to arrange please, this requirement arranges receive division to have dimensional planning consciousness.”Look at how many items there are, how much space, how to put the heart know, otherwise it is not good to do storage.”She said, after each work, finishing the division will give customers a space drawings, convenient for customers to understand the location of items, in the final analysis, finishing the division to deal with good people, space, goods between the three.”Every customer’s home is different, and the feeling after we finish the work is also different, but it is full of sense of achievement.”Lu Ruiyan says, this is also one of the reasons why she likes to arrange the occupation of receiving division.”A lot of times, customers invite us to the door is skeptical and try to see the state of mind, until we see the fruits of labor, will be recognized.”‘There are many such cases,’ Ms. Lu said.Once, a customer asked Lu Ruiyan door-to-door service.As soon as she entered the door, she found that the client’s house of more than 50 square meters, only a corridor, every room is filled with goods, even the ground is also filled with rice, milk, etc., the client said, there is no space to put things, she hoped to help tidy up.’I looked at it and decided to do the kitchen first. The client didn’t believe me when I said I could make room for two cupboards.'”When I actually cleaned out two cupboards, the customer gave me a thumbs-up and said I was a ‘magician’, which made her feel better,” lu said.”As we work, we’re constantly looking at how our clients talk, how they behave, what they have in their homes, so we can get a sense of who they are.”Lu Ruiyan introduced, this is helpful to help customers better, we will also invite customers who are interested in storage to participate in the work themselves, teach them some storage tips, transfer the concept of simple life.”I helped a client in her home sort out seven pieces of the same style in different colors, all unopened.””I pay special attention to such customers,” lu said. “Most of them are insecure in their hearts. What I can do is to make them feel understanding and warm, so that if they have any problems, they will come to me and I can do some guidance accordingly.”It seems that lu Ruiyan just did a cleaning and storage work, but in fact, lu Ruiyan pays more attention to bring guests a more reasonable space planning awareness and a better lifestyle through this cleaning and storage work.Now, Lu ruiyan also set up a studio, ready to go deep in this emerging industry, training more people who want to engage in this industry.”I believe that organizing and organizing is a promising industry in the future.”Lu Ruiyan said.Text, pictures: Wang Hongxia Editor: Zhang Youming xu ping Zhou Yuwei