Excellent!The four universities in Liaoning have been singled out and praised by state media as the “Four King Kong”

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Liaoning province is an important province in northeast China.In recent years of development and construction, Liaoning province has been well constructed and developed by virtue of its advantages of opening up to the outside world at the earliest and the foundation of China’s industrial base, and has become a big economic province in China.At the same time, Liaoning province also has the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Anshan Qianshan scenic spots, for the local;Tourism has helped a lot.The education of Liaoning province is also very developed. There are many colleges and universities in the province, and their strength is generally very good. For example, Dalian University of Technology and other schools are not only the top in the discipline strength in China, but also have a very good reputation, which is very popular among students.People’s Daily praised a number of schools by name, among which four in Liaoning province were also selected successfully. Let’s take a look.Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is an old school in Liaoning Province. Its strength in mechanics, water conservancy, chemical engineering, management and other disciplines is among the top in the country. People’s Daily also praised the university.The school has a long history and profound academic background. It has won many national awards and is very popular among students.As one of the first 211 universities in China, Northeastern University is also very good in strength.The school has a long history, strong discipline strength, and the teaching staff and teaching equipment are also leading the country.In recent years, the university has not only become an important university in Liaoning Province, but also contributed a large number of outstanding talents and many scientific research achievements to our country.Dalian Maritime University Dalian Maritime University as a maritime school, its strength is very good, has been recognized by the International Maritime Organization for the world’s few “enjoy international reputation” maritime university.The school has a national leading level in relevant subjects.The university is one of the top maritime universities in China with strong strength in transportation, ship and ocean disciplines.Dongbei University of Finance and Economics is also a university with excellent strength in economics, management and other disciplines.The school has a history of more than 100 years, dating back to the establishment of blood sugar in 1904.Later, on this basis, it was built into a special business school, which is the historical predecessor of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.After several changes, it became the present Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, which is also one of the most powerful universities in finance and economics in China.The author has said that there is no doubt that these schools are the top universities in Liaoning, and each one shines brilliantly in its own field with very strong strength.I also hope that these schools can forge ahead, continue to progress and development, to bring more and more high-level talents to Our country, and contribute to the development and progress of China’s education.For more exciting content, come to the education Jade Seal