Yancheng to do so in 2022

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Urban development, planning first!Urban planning is the forerunner and soul of urban construction and development.In 2021, under the policy of “multi-group and homogeneous development”, various urban construction projects have been realized at an accelerated pace, and Yancheng has been constantly “changing its face”.Looking ahead to 2022, has officially released a batch of municipal major engineering construction plan, a total investment of more than $400, involving high-speed, high-speed, elevated, education, medical treatment and so on influence all aspects of the residents’ quality of life, such as the north elevated, extraordinary elementary school, yanfu fast-track, learn sea west of middle school, high school, fei highway south three phase,With this batch of key projects landed one by one, The strength of Yancheng steadily enhanced, competitiveness to achieve leapfrog development!In 2022, chengxi High School and Tianshan Road Campus of Engineering College will start construction;Landmark achievements have been achieved in the municipal special education school, Yancheng Experimental Senior Middle School, Yangtze Road Kindergarten and Yan Special Kindergarten under construction.Liuhe Road experimental school, Xinhe Junior Middle School, Jingxian Road kindergarten and other three schools strive to start construction.In addition, yuxiu primary school, Bufeng middle school renovation and expansion project, Yancheng Technician College Ocean Road school phase II project, Wenfeng high school renovation and expansion project plans to achieve significant progress.Transportation construction Traffic is the premise of promoting urban economic development.The high-speed railway, inner ring viaduct, cross-river bridge and BRT ring line have been opened to traffic, which not only facilitates residents’ travel, but also speeds up Yancheng’s better integration into the Yangtze River Delta economic circle.This year, the traffic strength of Yancheng will be upgraded again.The orderly progress of key projects such as Yanlin Expressway, Binhuai Expressway, Yanfeng Express Passage, Yanfu Express Passage and nanyang Airport upgrading will strengthen the close connection between Yancheng and surrounding cities.New north rapid road network extending to bridge engineering, logical administration, dual road east Lucy extension engineering, taihu lake road east extension project, and the preparation of the pioneer, the sun island loop road, ocean bay new town six such as primary and secondary trunk road crisscross roads, construction of urban road network extending in all directions, to give impetus to further improve the urban comprehensive capacity.The rapid development of a city is inseparable from the increasingly perfect supporting facilities for life.In 2021, marriott Hotel, Tengfei Road characteristic block, Sino-Korean cultural living room, Yancheng Wetland Park, Zhulin Grand Hotel, Tinghu District Library and other major supporting facilities will be completed and put into use;Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine renovation and expansion project, municipal children’s Hospital renovation and expansion project, China-South Korea Friendship Hospital, Daqing Road Sports Center, Chengnan Sports Center and other livelihood projects are in full swing construction, will be accelerated this year;There are also high-tech zone bus hub, the city finance media center, the city four courtyard of new projects will usher in a major breakthrough.In addition to the exposure of major municipal project construction schedule, Yandu District and Tinghu District have released major work arrangements for 2022.The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents in Yandu District will increase by 7.5% and 9% respectively this year.Six primary and middle schools will be built, including Kechuang City Primary and Middle School, Wutialu Primary and Middle School, And Zhichuang Town Primary and middle school.Newly built Hejing Taifu Kindergarten, Guan Tang Fu Kindergarten, Donghui Jinyuan Kindergarten and Baoxin Garden kindergarten;Housing conditions for 2,100 rural households were improved;To upgrade the internal facilities and external image of 15 public nursing homes;Upgrade 34 community outdoor sports and fitness equipment;We will build or renovate 15 “pocket parks” and other livelihood projects to make the region more livable.The per capita disposable income of permanent urban and rural residents in Tinghu increased by more than 7% and 8% respectively.It plans to build 9 new primary and secondary schools and 7 integrated kindergartens.Completed the transformation and upgrading of Yancheng Cinema;The chuanchang River, Tongyu River, Xinyang Port, Baicheng Green Corridor and other urban ecological corridors have been fully built.15 new pocket parks and 30 kilometers of fitness trails;To build the cultural and creative block of meat joint factory and the Shenghua Times Square;We will renovate 20 rundown areas with 4,700 households and 34 old residential areas, improve housing for 3,000 rural households, and create two provincial-level livable demonstration residential areas.Set up 6 new bus lines and other key projects, strive to write a new chapter of “strong, rich, beautiful and high” Xinting Lake modernization.With the acceleration of these major urban construction projects, the future of Yancheng can be expected, let’s wait and see ~~