Why eat the Last Supper on New Year’s Eve?

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In ancient times, there was a fierce beast, living in the mountains and forests all day, it is not practice what unique martial arts secrets, but specializing in eating all kinds of animals.And taste is very unique, a day for a taste, the animals in the forest eat all over, ran out to eat people.Once nian entered the village, he would eat the flower girl, eat the old and eat the children.Within a hundred miles, the villagers were subjected to a cruel three-light policy: eat up or eat up.Resistance elements, eat them all up;Do not resist molecules, eat them all;Eat up the good and the good.It is said that nian is well equipped, armed to the teeth, the most powerful of which is the shell on its back, which can never be broken.Gradually, however, people found a rule that nian would only come out every 365 days to eat people. He attacked them at night, but slept mostly during the day wherever he hid.Pretty regular, comrades. Regular is easy to handle. On the 365th day, we all lock the door and clear the field before dark.Of course, the villagers are very public-spirited, cold, also can’t bear to see nian starve to death.So, we have to throw sesame rod into the yard, to nian Beast hunger.Then the family went into the house and sat around the table to have supper.This will probably be our last supper, chicken, duck, fish and everything.Not only the living, but also the dead.After the last supper, he could not sleep for fear of nightmares.Or we sit together, knock knock melon seeds, chatter, ao New Year beast say tomorrow.Grandpa, Mr. Aman’s Comic Tales of five Thousand Years is really nice. It has been serialized to the chapter of Nian Beast. Give it a thumbs up!And before you die, take a family photo.Portrait artist Dai Feiqi ready, one, two, three, eggplant!Painting!It was already dark, nian ran excitedly into the village looking for food.But doors were closed everywhere, and there were dim lights in the rooms.Nian was very depressed. Suddenly he heard a child crying and knocked on the door of the first house.Now, little boy, open the door!Only hear an adult inside say: don’t cry, turn off the light to sleep!Nian couldn’t knock on the first door, so he knocked on the second door.Hey, I’m not the year beast!There is no silver here. Turn off the light and go to sleep!Nian knocked on the door of the third house.People misunderstood, I don’t eat people!Nian beast does not eat people, notorious outside, turn off the light to sleep!Nian then knocked on the door of the fourth house.Would you be so kind as to give me a bite of human flesh?There’s no human flesh here, but there are sesame sticks on the outside, so why don’t you nibble on them?Nian beast is extremely depressed, knock on the door of the fifth family again.Hey, open the door. I never eat people. I only eat animals.Nian beast estimate can’t open the door, just turn around to knock on the next door of a family, suddenly hear someone inside ask: is it Nian beast?Is ah!It’s me!Wait a minute!Ok!Nian saw the door open a crack, open mouth ready to eat people, do not want to pour out a basin of water, just poured into nian’s open mouth inside.Make what?Don’t open the door. What’s a splash of water?Why is the water sour and salty?You don’t say, I eat light all day, taste really good.No, this is…Urine!Year beast angry, I count one two three, you do not come out, I will eat you up!A…Year beast has not counted to two, only to see the door is open a crack, haven’t reaction come over, was from the door crack inside fly out of the UFO attack.When I fixed my eyes, I saw rotten eggs, broken shoes, tiles, chamber POTS, and all kinds of spare materials.Year beast completely angry, left blunt right bump, leng is not the door to bump open.Seeing the dawn approaching, the hunger was unbearable.Go back and look at the sesame stalk in the yard.Before long, the rooster began to crow. Nian, who had eaten no one all night, was too cold to speak, and his stomach was growling.This is exciting, isn’t it?Broken sesame stalks? Those bad farmers must have applied chemical fertilizer.In this way, the year orc did not eat, eat a broken sesame rod also loose bowels, finally, ran back to the mountains.The next day, people finally finished the New Year.We greet each other: Happy New Year!Then lit firecrackers to celebrate, but also to relatives and friends home visits.I do not know how many years passed, is a Spring Festival.Aman was about to go to my uncle’s New Year, suddenly, heard someone outside the door Shouting: extra!Extra!A major home invasion!Last night, all the villagers in a village in The south of the Yangtze River were dismembered and eaten to the bone.The second day of the extra is such: jiangnan some village eat people case, there is new progress!Two newlyweds narrowly escape, mental disorder, witch doctor is trying to rescue, still cannot confirm the number of deaths, the government is trying to search and rescue!The extra of the third day is such: jiangnan some village eats person case, have new progress again!Several children playing with firecrackers in the yard narrowly escaped, but the witch doctor has confirmed that they are ok.The fourth day of the extra is such: jiangnan some village eat people case, and new progress!Yamen has been determined, the murderer is on the run for many years, serial eating suspect, year beast, at present yamen are trying to arrest!The fifth day of the extra is such: jiangnan village eat people case, the latest progress!The government department after on-site reconnaissance, confirmed that the beast is afraid of red, two newlyweds posted red couplets outside the door, only to escape!The sixth day of the extra is such: jiangnan some village eat people case, the latest progress!About the brick analysis, several children survived, because they were playing firecrackers!The extra of the seventh day…I can’t do this anymore. Let’s punch in.Finally, remind the villagers: fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-year beast!Spring Festival customs can not be lost!(Excerpt from Line 213 of Cho Eun-suk’s new book, “Five Thousand Years of Ramble”.Introduction of Cao Enshuo: founder of writer index, chief author of writer index, initiator of standardized writing movement, post-1989 writer, strategist, author of various works of more than 10 million words, proficient in strategy, economics and history.