The hunt for swallowing the Stars begins

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Hello, everyone, I am the little snail continue the last words, vulture couple Li Yao two people.Because Luo Feng killed his son Li Wei, heart grudge, want to kill him on the spot, but the implementation of the plan again and again failed to succeed.In luo Feng south Australia trip, Li Yao called three powerful God of War, intent to deal with Luo Feng, and together with their own.A rugged man with a full beard, very much like the cowboy style of the West, his name is James, a strong muscle to complement his strength.The other was sitting in a chair, very casually, with his hat over his face.He is a free dancer, unattached to any power, who has successfully grown to the level of god of War and is a powerful enemy with a very strong talent.His name is Isaacson.The last one, tsuyoshi Kitahara, was a high-ranking war god from the island nation.Neat hair style with lean beard, very strong, neat breath foil face, give a person a resolute breath.To prepare the hunting action, Li Yao not only called three god of war.The taboo weapon was also brought out, and this weapon is a very powerful weapon to hunt monsters, called the laser cannon.On the other side of the fisherman’s profit, the monster with brown hair is fighting with another great ape, and its great strength makes the earth around it fly everywhere.Mighty Ape defeated his opponent with his strong limbs, great strength and speed.Because it has the power of a junior Lord.Their leader, the King Kong Ape, has the power of a high Lord.In the face of Luo Feng, great ape to see the enemy came to attack, broke out of a very strong strength to attack.With the strength of the junior War god, Luo Feng beat back the siege of the two junior lords mighty Ape with great speed.At the same time, assisted with the spirit of higher God of War, and successfully killed him with two SS flying knives.Finally, face the King Kong Ape of high Lord level again, blow his throat by surprise.In fact, it was also because the king Kong circle was negligent, thinking that the small human could not pose much threat to itself, and did not rush to defend.This just let Luo Feng get gap.Because it is difficult for a Warlord to kill a monster of high Lord level, and the king Kong ape is the best among them.Shi Jiang to see Candace et al dialogue to inform Luo Feng, he was afraid of Candace Bolenas family will cause harm to Luo Feng.Suddenly, I found out that Brother Jiang also has spiritual mindfulness, is a spiritual teacher.He controls the knife easily kill a monster, fly to immediately turn back and float behind, very handsome.The spacecraft is about to land, Li Yao led a ares, and taboo weapons, laser cannon, to rob luo Feng.Luo Feng learned in advance that they will come to the news, early ambush in the dark to prepare.Luo Feng, can smooth resolve this crisis, predict the future how?Listen next time.I am a little snail, the above is my opinion and view, if you like, please pay attention to praise, thank you