Johnson Controls has made the list of the world’s top 100 Best Sustainable Companies in 2022

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# 1 in the hVAC equipment manufacturing category set by Corporate Knights # 1 in the building products category jumped from # 38 in 2021 to # 12 in overall ranking Shanghai February 11, 2022 / PRnewswire / — Recently,Johnson Controls, a global leader in smart and sustainable building, has been named to Corporate Knights’ list of the world’s top 100 Best Sustainable Companies 2022.This is the eighth year that Johnson Controls has received this prestigious award.Johnson Controls ranks no. 1 among 26 peers in the hVAC equipment manufacturing category and no. 1 among 74 companies in the building products industry.Johnson Controls jumped to 12th overall from 38th last year.Johnson controls has achieved excellent results in many fields, including r&d investment in the company is committed to climate related products innovation accounted for 75%, continuous research and development of sustainable products and services to the sustainable development and diversified goal into the top leadership of a substantial part of the performance evaluation system of the company income (almost half) derived from green products and services.George Oliver, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls, said:”On sustainable development of the global best enterprise top the list for jiang’s self-control is a great honor, and we are always committed to lead a low carbon economy perfect example of the next decade is the key to sustainable global economic transformation period for enterprise, sustainable development is no longer just a” options “,We must move faster to reduce carbon emissions. The good news is that lowering carbon emissions can also help companies meet their profit growth targets.”47% of revenue came from products or services classified as “Clean” in the Corporate Knights Clean Taxonomy at Johnson Controls, and 48% of revenue in FISCAL year 2020 came from cleaning products and services.Johnson Controls is committed to helping solve the climate crisis by supporting customers to reduce their carbon footprints through products and services such as OpenBlue Zero-carbon building solutions.Johnson Controls has made sustainability a priority of its business operations for decades. As one of the first industrial companies to report emissions data and commit to reducing emissions, Johnson Controls has made great progress, reducing its carbon emissions by more than 70% since 2002.Katie McGinty, VICE President and Chief Sustainability and External Affairs Officer at Johnson Controls, said:”At Johnson Self Control, we are committed to sustainable development. We are committed to providing technical support for the process of carbon reduction in buildings and actively promoting industrial cooperation. The construction industry accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s total annual carbon emissions.We have the technology to reduce emissions and tools such as OpenBlue digital platform can help optimize building system, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the cost in the future, “Johnson controls will continue through the major step to further improve the environmental impact, and promised to net zero carbon emissions to 2040 years ago, ahead of the United Nations the aim of the Paris agreement for ten years at the same time,Company plans in 2030 operating emissions decreased by 55%, reducing emissions of 16% for the customer the magnificent 2030 carbon emissions reduction targets has gained scientific target initiative (SBTi) after approval, Johnson controls issued green bonds and preferred credit lines and the sustainable development indicators, thus established the leadership in the field of green finance,On top of this, Johnson Controls recently became the first industrial company to issue a bond linked to the COMPREHENSIVE Sustainable Finance Framework (IFF) as part of the IFF, which further commits to achieving ambitious absolute emission reduction targets by 2025.Sustainalytics, the global leader in responsible investing and sustainable finance, has named Johnson Controls the industry Leader in environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Critical Risk Management, ranking it third out of 132 companies in the building products industry for its strong management of ESG critical issues.Johnson Controls ranked no. 67 on the Drucker Institute’s “top 250 U.S. Companies for Management Performance 2021” list (no. 88 in 2020). The company received the highest score in the social responsibility category, with five stars for social responsibility performance and five stars for customer satisfaction.In January, Oliver joined other executives at the 18th Global 100 Executive Roundtable on the theme of “Pushing the world to reduce carbon emissions,”Shared insights on Johnson Controls’ journey to sustainability and its role in addressing the pressing issue of climate change.