How to buy a smart toilet in 2022?Look at this one step!

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At the beginning of the New Year, furniture also needs to be replaced, but how to buy intelligent toilets has become a difficult problem for many people.This pothole avoidance guide will get you shopping in one step!Choose a brand when buying a smart toilet.First of all, big brands have more after-sales protection, whether it is return or maintenance can be responsible for the end, but many miscellaneous brands will not have this service.Secondly, the quality of the big brands is better, the process and design are patented, the related technology is also those miscellaneous brands than.In numerous big brand toilet, I like the intelligent toilet of gao Yi most, especially the new gao Yi Arina intelligent toilet.This article will be based on yarina intelligent toilet to analyze the characteristics of a good intelligent toilet should have.Good intelligent toilet can not be separated from good technology support.Grohe Arina intelligent toilet integrates grohe’s black technology to solve many pain points when using the toilet.Gao Yi bacteriostatic surface technology fires silver ion in ceramic glaze, so that the ceramic surface can inhibit 99% bacterial growth, and solves the problem that the toilet is easy to breeding bacteria.Gaoyi water porcelain ultra clean technology is to make use of the excellent hydrophilicity of ceramic surface, so that water penetrates into the dirt below, only with the power of water to take away the dirt.In order to prevent the formation of scale between organosilicon and hydroxyl groups in water, the structure of water porcelain ultra-clean technology will not expose hydroxyl groups, avoid the formation of scale, and ensure smooth and smooth ceramic surface.This technology solves the problems of dirt hanging on the wall and scale generation, restores the color of the toilet itself, and also strengthens the wear resistance, chemical resistance and crack resistance of the toilet, and improves the hardness, elasticity and bonding strength of the porcelain body of the toilet.A good toilet tests the ability to flush.Flushing is not clean, residue is difficult to deal with the purchase must be considered.Groi Arina intelligent toilet uses Groi strong flush technology, three stream quiet flush will take away the dirt, each flush will clean every corner of the toilet wall, and Groi water porcelain ultra clean technology echoes each other, so that all scales and dirt disappear.Good intelligent toilet, of course, can not leave the flushing function, nozzle quality is also crucial.As the use of ultra-high frequency nozzle must pay attention to the selection of antibacterial materials and with self-cleaning function, The nozzle of Arina intelligent toilet by SIAA certification, made of ABS material, nozzle protection cover is also made of 99.99% antibacterial materials, before and after use can automatically clean, and spray washing arm can be replaced.The design of groi Arina intelligent toilet takes full account of the details in the actual use, specially separates buttock washing and women washing, and there are a variety of washing modes to choose from: after spraying, shock spraying, massage spraying can be freely selected, so that washing has become a kind of life enjoyment.A good smart toilet is closely related to health.The highlight of grohe Arina intelligent toilet is the sterilization ion technology, not only for the interior of the toilet, but also for the entire space after opening the toilet seat.Do you know how to buy an intelligent toilet by analyzing the Grohe Arina intelligent toilet?