Good news | Vision Cloud successfully passed ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001 management system certification

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Preface: Recently, after several rounds of strict evaluation and audit by authoritative certification bodies, The vision cloud successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO20000 Information technology service management system certification and ISO27001 information security management system certification.ISO9001 quality management system certification ISO9001 is by far the world’s most mature, the most authoritative quality management certification system.More than 750,000 organizations in more than 160 countries and territories are using this framework for quality management.After a series of strict censorship, horizon cloud passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, marked the horizon clouds have established “responsibilities clear, program specification, pragmatic and efficient, coordinated operation, comprehensive control” of the quality management system, it not only represents the horizon the clouds on the integration of the various management system reached the world advanced level,It also reflects the vision of the cloud can continue to provide customers with expectations and satisfaction of high standards of products and services.In the next step, Horizon Cloud will use risk-based thinking to continue to improve and optimize the system operation;Continuously compare department responsibilities to ensure that all important, critical and high-frequency issues are brought into the system controlled scope;Continuously optimize internal and external documents and processes of various matters;Strengthen the supervision of the operation of the system, ensure the standardization and standardized operation of all matters according to the process, effectively prevent risks, improve service efficiency, cultivate management culture, and enhance competitive advantages.ISO20000 Information technology service management system certification Information technology service management system standard ISO20000 is globally recognized IT service management system standard, using a comprehensive approach to IT service management, defined a set of comprehensive and closely related service management process,IT is one of the highest international certifications in the global standardized management certification system and is known as the “management Bible” of IT services.Its standard stipulates how enterprises should effectively provide services to customers, as well as the integrated management process and related requirements when providing services, which is an international guidance to control the overall risk of IT services and improve the overall service level.Obtaining ISO20000 certification means that vision cloud’s IT service management level and information security ability has been recognized again, reaching the world’s recognized leading information technology service management standards, has provided the majority of users with higher quality, more secure, more efficient software and hardware operation and maintenance services related ability.Zhijie Cloud will always rely on the support of efficient IT service management, uphold the requirements of international standardized information technology service management, empower business with more advanced management level, and provide users with more high-quality, stable, efficient and reliable services.ISO27001 information security management system certification ISO27001 is the standard of information security management system, is currently the most rigorous, the most authoritative, is also the most widely accepted and applied system certification standards in the field of information security, not only contains privacy protection, data processing and information management and other technical requirements,It also involves laws and regulations, personnel management, asset management and many other aspects. It puts forward very specific requirements and standards for information security and privacy protection management, which can be used for the establishment and implementation of the information security management system of the organization, and can comprehensively and systematically improve the security management of the organization.ISO27001 uses risk management as the core method to manage the company and customer information, and through the regular assessment of the effectiveness of risk and control measures to ensure the continuous operation of the system, the application of enterprise security information system specifications put forward a very high standard requirements to ensure enterprise and customer information security.Vision cloud has always taken information security as one of the key contents of the work. After the launch of the project, IT has organized a series of information security training/security awareness publicity and implementation, standard difference analysis/system diagnosis, information asset risk assessment, process system establishment, IT security technical measures import and third-party certification assessment.Promote the company to establish information security management system in accordance with ISO27001 national standard.Successfully passed ISO27001 information security management system certification, marking the horizon cloud has established a set of scientific and effective information security management system, can provide customers with more scientific and effective information security guarantee, to minimize the potential risk of customers and potential losses in security operations.Through ISO27001 certification audit, but also draw on the international standard, more systematic, comprehensive, scientific and effective management and security of user and platform data information security.In the future, Vision Cloud will continue to improve information security management, continue to explore and optimize, enhance the security technology capabilities of the platform, and provide partners with more secure, stable and compliant products and services.YunQi cloud was established in February 2016, the future horizon to provide worldwide edge of cloud services and computing services, based on the research cloudy access and management platform to provide public cloud, private cloud, a hybrid cloud, proprietary cloud, full-court JingYun service, relying on the edge of the network platform online provide flexibility, security, flexible extension and expansion of edge network services,Formed “multi-cloud management + cloud network collaboration” as the core competitiveness, covering the whole cloud, network, edge, terminal product service system.As a science and technology enterprise with complete cloud service qualification, Vision Cloud always implements the development concept of “technology RESEARCH and development driven, product and service oriented”, and insists on creating a regulatory compliance, high standard and full coverage service management system in the process of operation and management and service.This time, in order to ensure the orderly and efficient progress of ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO20000 system construction, under the leadership of The chairman and CEO Mr. Peng Qing, a special project team was set up, and in the process of system construction for all employees to carry out multiple batches of system knowledge training and publicity, so that each employee understand the significance of system construction.Improve the execution of staff system construction.The successful passing of ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO20000 system certification is not only an affirmation of the internal management mechanism and system of Horizon Cloud, but also an international authoritative recognition of the information security and information technology services provided by Horizon Cloud.Vision Cloud will also take this as an opportunity to take international standards as the benchmark and deeply practice standardization, standardization and systematization in software development, information security and other management.To higher standards, more stringent requirements, to provide customers with high-quality, high-level safety products and services;With smarter, more agile and more efficient cloud products and services, escort the digital upgrading of the industry.”As far as the horizon is concerned, cloud brings the world” — it is the vision and mission of Vision Cloud to enable all enterprises in the world to use the cloud and make good use of the cloud. Instead of making the complex product functions of cloud computing become the burden of enterprises, it really becomes the power for the development of ICT of enterprises.-END-