CCTV5 live!Chinese women’s football team ushered in the Asian Cup peak battle, Wang Shuang is expected to return to help the team to the top

2022-05-08 0 By

The Chinese women’s national football team advanced to the Asian Cup finals for the first time in 14 years after trailing Japan in the semifinals and trailing Japan 6-5 on penalty kicks thanks to goalkeeper Zhu Yu’s outstanding saves.It was not easy for the women’s football team to win the match. After the match, the media, media personnel and fans started the mode of “roaring”, praising the women’s football team’s skills and never-say-die spirit.However, fans were upset that CCTV5 (including CCTV5+) did not broadcast the semifinal, but instead showed various ski highlights from previous Games.There was also no women’s football match on CCTV after the match, and many fans began to call on social media for CCTV sports channel to broadcast the Asian Cup final against South Korea at 19:00 on Feb 6.The good news is that sports journalist Yu Jing revealed on social media that the women’s soccer final will be broadcast live on CCTV’s CCTV5 tomorrow night!Remember to come back after the women’s soccer game.It seems that CCTV CCTV5 has temporarily revised the program schedule, taking women’s football as the focus of the live broadcast object, and bringing you wonderful live matches.To put it blundly, this is a face-gain for the women’s football team. If the women’s football team cannot beat the Japanese women’s football team and goes to the third-place match (the third-place final has been cancelled in this Asian Cup, but here is just an example), will CCTV buy the rights to live broadcast the match?Obviously not!Here I can only praise the women’s football girls, who proved their strength to everyone with practical actions and won respect from all sides.The Chinese women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team have played 39 times in the history, with 28 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses.In addition, The Chinese women’s team has reached the FINAL of the Asian Football League 10 times and won the title eight times.From the historical record, the advantage of Chinese women’s football team is relatively large;And beat the opponents in the 2021 Olympic play-off, the overall strength of the Chinese women’s football team is superior.Another point is that the head coach has been replaced by the more excellent Shui Qingxia, which is also an advantage for the women’s football team.In addition, there is an X factor for The Chinese women’s soccer team, is the star Wang Shuang can play.Wang shuang was an unused substitute in China’s victory over Japan.In the next final, Wang Shuang is expected to appear, if the recovery is good, then Wang Shuang will start the game;If the recovery effect does not reach 100%, then Wang Shuang may continue to wait in the backup, choose the opportunity to debut.As the current top star of The Chinese women’s soccer team, Wang is unlikely to miss such a crucial match.Of course, everything is subject to the guidance of Shui Qingxia, team doctors and other requirements.At present, wang Shuang, as the team’s killer, is also the smoke bomb of the women’s football team, which makes the Korean women’s football team elusive;No matter whether Wang Shuang will play in the final or not, I believe that the coaching staff has done a proper arrangement, there will be bright play in the final, cheer for them!