Attention plaintiff, why did the judge let you file a separate suit on your claim?

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When you are the plaintiff, it is usually one or both of these claims, and the judge may ask you to file another case.This is normal, because each case only deals with one legal relationship, and each legal relationship corresponds to the corresponding claim.When there is a part of the lawsuit request and the legal relationship does not match, that part of the lawsuit request can not be tried and judged in this case, otherwise it is illegal.That is, case A corresponds to case A, legal relationship corresponds to lawsuit claim OF A, and these three are connected together.If the claim does not match the legal relation of the case, then the claim is wrong, and the plaintiff must lose, because the court’s trial and judgment are all around the claim.However, when there is a problem with the match, the judge will generally take the initiative to say that you can Sue for part of the lawsuit or change the lawsuit.At this time afraid of the axis of the parties, adhere to the lawsuit request……It’s like running into a wall.Don’t Sue until you have a claim in mind.The judge will not give you to determine the right claim, this is your own business, the court should be done.If any problem is found in the claim during the proceedings, the claim may be changed before the conclusion of the court debate held in session.(I am Lawyer Xia Qihang. If you have any legal questions, please send me a private message and I will reply.)