Peking University School of Education launched China’s international model family training class

2022-05-07 0 By

China Youth Daily Client news (Sun Qingling, reporter of China Youth Network) How should the family sports life and game life be carried out correctly?How to make reading, writing and other important foundations for children’s success?How to expand their children’s international vision…In order to provide toolbox and demonstration for family education in a more effective way, the School of Education of Peking University recently established the “Pilot the Future” Chinese international Model family Training class based on the original research results.”The People’s Republic of China family education promotion law” this year’s New Year’s day from the official implementation, means that parents from now on to “take baby according to law”, family education is not only a “family matter”.Workshop invited Beijing university and other colleges and universities education experts and scholars in the field of, traditional education with the well-known international school principals and teachers, as well as at home and abroad by famous masters in the field of sports, art, culture, formed a professional teachers team, hope parents can students under the guidance of experts in the field of more than get “ten big family education problem solution,”Become the model family of China’s international education in 2022.The course, which is open to parents of children in grades seven to 10, will start in early April and run until early October.Attend workshops parents will, under the guidance of experts from Beijing university to complete a series of homework, full of fun, scientific and happiness such as systematic emergency skill learning, family labor skill learning, rich artistic appreciation and creation experience, domestic and international studies at the university of planning and application design etc, and will obtain a certificate after the learning task.Source: China Youth Daily client