Fun and easy to drive, test drive BYD Yuan PLUS

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The e Platform 3.0 New Element PLUS is the first SUV of BYD’s latest pure electric E platform 3.0. It can be said that it integrates the latest technology and power configuration of BYD engineers. The platform has new technologies such as eight-in-one highly integrated electric drive system and heat pump air conditioning, making the Element PLUS not only bigger, but more importantly, more advanced technology.In terms of power, the new car adopts AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, front-drive single motor, maximum power 150kW, peak torque 310N·m, the official 0-100km/h acceleration time is 7.3s.The comprehensive operating range (km) of CLTC is 430km and 510km respectively. It should be noted that the test endurance of CLTC standard is a little longer than that of WLTC and NEDC standard.It is worth mentioning that its use of lithium iron phosphate blade battery in addition to good safety, its cycle charge and discharge more than 3000 times, support the driving mileage of more than 1.2 million kilometers.Sitting in the driving seat of yuan PLUS, first of all, you can feel that the seat cushion is relatively thick, supporting force is sufficient, the back of the wings of the body is just right to support the body, the sitting posture stretches, the vision is wide.The initial stage is like most electric cars, very quiet and smooth.Due to the inherent characteristics of electric vehicles, the tranquility and smoothness of the start at low speed is far better than that of fuel vehicles. On the other hand, the power experience of most electric vehicles is almost the same.In addition to the smooth performance at low speed, the 0-60km/h acceleration ability is relatively strong, and also commendable at high speed. In sport mode, 80-100km/h speed can still bring sufficient acceleration.Steering feel is relatively light, there is a little virtual position, the difference between different driving modes is not very big, fortunately, it can still maintain good accuracy in the face of continuous corners.Chassis performance can be said to be a bright spot of YUAN PLUS, with the same level xiaopeng G3i, AION Y and other competitive products using torsion beam non-independent rear suspension, Yuan PLUS uses multi-link independent rear suspension, and the overall adjustment is solid.After driving, the chassis can feel a strong sense of integrity, and there will not be too much shaking through rotten roads or dense speed bumps. The vibration treatment is soft and there will not be a loose sense.The suspension support is sufficient, and the body is stable enough when passing through potholes or large angles. In the back seat, it will not feel too much roll and aftershocks, which is relatively good in terms of comfort.Brake is the better control type, it is worth mentioning yuan PLUS kinetic energy recovery can change speed according to different conditions, such as roads, the right running at low speed in the city almost no drag and drop, at 20 km/h the following basic will not do kinetic energy recovery, can only feel obvious when in high-speed kinetic energy recovery braking effect,This is similar to the driving experience with fuel cars.Conclusion: Through a day of test drive experience, it can be seen that BYD still spent a lot of thought on the yuan PLUS body, the appearance is more delicate, open up is also very dynamic, belongs to the refreshing and good open type.And the most special is that it imitates the interior design of the gym, which is novel and can arouse people’s interest in exercise. It will naturally remind you to exercise after work.At present, yuanplus is available for presale at 132,800 yuan for the 430KM luxury model, 139,800 yuan for the 430KM luxury model, 142,800 yuan for the 510KM prestige model and 152,800 yuan for the 510KM flagship model. Those who are interested can pay attention.End