Coffey responds to big mistake in royal showdown!Finn’s whereabouts are revealed. Vince’s mother is dead

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With the latest royal showdown officially over, there are plenty of talking points left to talk about!One of them was Kofi Kingston’s big mistake in the Royal Showdown!The Royal Showdown has been kofi Kingston’s showcase for stunts all year!Coffey responds to big mistake in royal showdown!Every year Kofi Kingston surprises us!And this year Kofi Kingston made a big mistake!Koffi Kingston tried to dive from the top rope and grab the spectator’s fence during the recent Royal Showdown, but he missed!Kofi Kingston’s feet touch the ground!”Well, at least as someone said, it’s better to have tried and failed than someone who doesn’t dare,” Kofi Kingston notes today.In fact, WWE has special plans for Koffi Kingston and Big E for royal Showdown, if koffi can hang on to the guardrail!Due to the early elimination of Kofi Kingston, resulting in big E and Kofi’s surprise plan, never appeared!I’m sure those of you watching the royal showdown are wondering where Finn Valor is.Because Finn Valor missed this year’s royal showdown!Finn Valor has gone on holiday again and is currently in his home city of Dublin, according to PWInsider.Finn Valor’s return is still unknown!But he’ll be back in time for Wrestlemania!Vince’s mother is dead!Also recently, Vince McMann’s mother died at the age of 101!In fact, Lynn had made a point of mentioning Vince’s mother, saying how old she was, and how she died so soon!I hope the family is sorry for their loss!And Vince McMann, despite his mother’s death, didn’t miss yesterday’s royal showdown!Vince is still running the show backstage and has made a few detail changes!Vince McMann kept the news of his mother’s death as private as possible, and it’s only now that the news has come to light!Hope Vince doesn’t get too upset and takes care of his health!