What is the cause of the national football team’s failure again?

2022-05-06 0 By

On the first day of the lunar New Year, The National football team lost to Vietnam, once again missing the World Cup, all kinds of abuse once again flooded into the national football team, once again put the national football team on the hot search, so what is the problem?Why did China’s football team disappoint its fans again?The problem of the poor performance of the National football team cannot be solely blamed on them. It is actually a social problem.We are too impetuous, too eager to get quick results.Do we have a good environment and atmosphere for playing football?How many kids are playing football in our country?How many schools, colleges and universities can open their football fields for football lovers to play for free?How many times a year can football matches be held on our football grounds?It can be said that the vast majority of football fields are lying idle and empty, which should be the paradise of football lovers, but the reality has become a sorrow for football lovers to quench their thirst.Why can’t they be free at regular times every day?China’s football problem is just like the core technology of our country’s science and technology. We need to start from the foundation and lay down the foundation step by step. We must not be impetuous and eager for quick success and instant benefits, so that a good environment and atmosphere can be gradually formed in this society.I believe that if our country can gradually establish such a good social environment and atmosphere, then football and some core technologies will also be able to make breakthroughs, and will gradually be in a leading position in the world.