Railway passenger flow yesterday ushered in the return peak!Xiamen station reached about 30, 000 passengers yesterday

2022-05-06 0 By

Passengers wearing masks exited the station in an orderly fashion.Yesterday was the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, and the railway saw a rush of passengers returning home.The reporter learned from xiamen railway Station that xiamen station arrived about 30,000 passengers yesterday.Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in Xiamen station, passengers carrying bags of luggage, wearing masks through the intelligent epidemic gate orderly exit.Sun Ting, xiamen station duty master, said that about 30,000 passengers arrived that day, and about 10,000 passengers were sent. The passenger flow direction is mainly medium and short distance passenger flow of surrounding provinces and cities, including Shenzhen, Ganzhou, Nanchang, as well as fuzhou, Longyan and other places in the province.Sun Ting introduced that in recent days, the railway passenger flow has maintained a high level of operation, gradually ushered in the return peak, the average daily arrival passenger flow at about 20,000, sending passengers relatively few.The peak of passenger flow before the festival is between January 26 and January 30, of which about 27,000 passengers are sent on January 28 and about 29,000 passengers are sent on January 30.In order to meet the demand of recent passengers, xiamen to Nanchang, Changting and other places to open additional trains.Specific trains include: February 9 to 13, Xiamen to Nanchang west plus D9998 times, Nanchang west to Xiamen plus D9997 times;February 7, Xiamen to Changting South open C9622 times, Changting South to Xiamen open C9621 times.High-tech + strict measures Ensure railway passenger travel safety during the Spring Festival, xiamen railway station to carry out the epidemic prevention and control normalized requirements strictly, strictly in accordance with relevant provisions of the epidemic prevention, inspection personnel in and out of the station by bus health code, at the same time, continuous radio broadcast epidemic prevention within the waiting area, arrange staff to guide passengers wearing masks all the way, don’t stick, not gathered themselves together, and keep the one-meter line interval queue.Take seats separately to prevent the spread of the epidemic by railway.Prior to this, Xiamen Railway Station has carried out inspection and maintenance of all electronic ticket equipment, and fully adopted “contact-free” means such as intelligent epidemic prevention gates to ensure that passengers can pass through the whole process from ticket selling, entering, checking in, taking a bus and leaving the station.Intelligent epidemic prevention gates have been installed at the exits of Xiamen Railway Station and Xiamen North Railway Station. Tickets and health codes can be checked synchronously in just three seconds with id cards, shortening the waiting time of passengers and greatly improving the efficiency of passengers.At the same time, the prevention and control mechanism has been strengthened to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Key parts such as waiting seats, elevator buttons, handrails and toilets have been sprayed or wiped every four hours to prevent the spread of the virus through railways.In addition, Xiamen North Railway Station also added a new liquid danger detector, convenient for the staff to identify the unidentified nature of the liquid, resolutely blocked dangerous prohibited items outside the station, under the bus, to ensure the safety of passengers.(Article/Photo by Xiamen Evening News reporter Lv Jiajie)