Is there still a taste of New Year in Shanghai?

2022-05-06 0 By

Is there still a taste of New Year in Shanghai?Now Chinese New Year is really not exciting.I really hope that the Chinese New Year is happy.There are fewer and fewer flavor of The New Year now.It can be said that there is almost no taste of The New Year.Even firecrackers, which had been set off for thousands of years, were banned, not to mention food.Sometimes it’s better than Chinese New Year, salmon.Lobster.Abalone.All kinds of raw seafood.Usually eat all the time.Now it’s just not interesting to eat.And now what can I say!Relatives don’t get around much anymore.Chinese New Year means drinking wine and ordering food at home, watching TV and going out occasionally.And now I’m a little afraid of Chinese New Year.A New Year’s day age and a year old and old.Time flies like an arrow.