Huawei Nova9 series has these experiences that you can’t live without

2022-05-06 0 By

Since its launch, Huawei NOVa9 series has won unanimous recognition from many consumers with its strong product strength.Huawei NOVA9 series not only has fashionable appearance design, but also has the performance strength comparable to high-end flagship. In addition, huawei NOVA9 series exceeds the vast majority of models in the same gear in terms of image capability, bringing excellent image experience to users.In addition, thanks to the support of Hongmeng System, Huawei Nova9 series also brings excellent system experience to users.Before the official release of hongmeng system, many users will worry about whether the new system will be very different from the previous one, and whether it takes a period of time to fully adapt to it.In fact, such worries are completely unnecessary.Huawei Nova9 series is equipped with Hongmeng system by default, which is not much different from Android system in terms of operating habits. There is no difficulty in getting started, and it has improved a lot than Android system in terms of fluency and innovative functions.Huawei Nova9 series equipped with Hongmeng system has many innovative functions. For example, the personalized Hongmeng desktop can meet the needs of young people for personalized Settings.Universal card, which can be hidden and displayed, message direct, as well as the characteristics of multiple sizes and combinations, when used in Huawei Nova9 series desktop can quickly obtain information.In addition, there are large folders, desktop software ICONS, and so on, making it easy to create your own desktop style.In terms of network communication, Hongmeng system also brings excellent network experience to Huawei NOVa9 series.Huawei NOVa9 series supports Hongmeng Smart communication technology, which includes multi-network collaboration, dual-network concurrency, and AI signal prediction, providing a more stable network experience.Multi-network collaboration function, in the WiFi network environment when using mobile phones, it is inevitable to encounter poor WiFi signal, especially when playing games, once the signal is poor, it is easy to ruin the good game.When you use Huawei Nova9 series, you don’t have to worry about such a situation. The multi-network collaboration function can realize smooth switching between the WiFi 2.4ghz or 5GHz, and the cellular main card and the secondary card network. No matter watching videos or playing games, you can achieve a real non-inductive switching.Huawei Nova9 series can also support the concurrent operation of cellular and WiFi 6 dual networks. When both cellular and WiFi networks are connected at the same time, not only seamless switching can be achieved, but also double network overlay can be achieved.In other words, the traditional mobile phone connection is a “single lane”, while the dual network concurrency under Hongmeng Smart Communication is a “double lane”, which greatly improves the network speed.In addition, Hongmeng Intelligent Communication also supports AI signal prediction, which can predict in advance that we are about to enter areas with weak cellular coverage and cache the video content we are watching in advance.For example, when we travel by car, we will watch some movies and TV dramas in the car. When we cross the tunnel, there will always be no signal, and the watching of movies and TV dramas will stop abruptly, which will affect the entertainment experience.However, with the AI signal prediction technology, Huawei Nova9 series will be able to predict well in advance before entering the area with bad signal, so as to buffer in advance. After that, there will be no lag, and the entertainment experience can continue, which is very convenient.It is worth mentioning that hongmeng system also brings a lasting and smooth system experience to Huawei Nova9 series.Under the deep optimization of Hongmeng system, it provides nova9 series with support from the bottom of the system. Through a series of file management and data optimization, it brings users smooth experience without delay after 36 months of normal use.In view of the background switching problem affecting the use of multiple apps, Hongmeng has also optimized, no matter how long the APP stays in the background, users can use nova9 series mobile phones to switch instantly.Overall, huawei nova9 series itself has very strong strength, with the blessing of HongMeng system is to further enhance, HongMeng desktop can satisfy young people’s demand for personalized Settings, and HongMeng wise communication but also can make quick stable web experience, coupled with 36 consecutive months use BuKa, control moment silky smooth,Huawei’s Nova9 series is definitely worth buying.