Fried bean curd in Shaoyang County

2022-05-06 0 By

From Wugang rice flower to Xinshao zi ba;From Tantou New Year painting to Longhui Huayao wedding;From shaodong car lantern to the cave to kill pig;With the Spring Festival approaching, shaoyang’s New Year flavor is getting stronger and stronger.From January 24, 2022, Rednet Shaoyang station will launch a series of short videos titled “Small Villages in The Taste of The New Year” jointly with the media centers of various counties and districts to record the taste of the New Year in Shaoyang.Guidance: Publicity Department of Shaoyang Municipal Party Committee, Network information Office of Shaoyang Municipal Party Committee, jointly produced: Rednet Shaoyang Station, Shaoyang County Rong Media Center