A lot of net red is selling!Shenyang “old four seasons” out of the vacuum packaging chicken rack?

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If a foreign friend asks about shenyang’s cuisine.Many shenyang old railway will recommend “old four seasons”.Hand-pulled noodles and a chicken rack bear the memories of many People in Shenyang.Recently, on a short video platform, a number of food bloggers posted a video of visiting the restaurant “the old Four Seasons”, saying that the pre-packaged version of the old Four Seasons chicken rack can be recommended to friends in other places.The bloggers have attached links to the vacuum-packed chicken rack in their short videos, and even referred to it as “the same old four seasons chicken rack.”Reporter investigation discovery, this kind of name is “four seasons chicken frame” pre-packing product producing area is Shenyang hunnan area, be Shenyang after all “old four seasons” product?Reporters contacted shenyang “old four seasons” founder Ms. Zhang Bingrong, she told reporters that online sales of pre-packaged “four seasons chicken rack” is not “old four seasons” products, “old four seasons” has never sold pre-packaged vacuum chicken rack.Did the Old Seasons come out with vacuum-packed chicken racks?”Come to Shenyang if you have not eaten the old four seasons chicken rack, that is really for nothing.”This was the opening line of many food bloggers who visited the “old Four Seasons” restaurant. Then a lady with a beautiful face and a northeastern accent walked into the “Old Four Seasons” restaurant in Shenyang, ordered a well-known “standard dish”, sat down at the table and taught everyone, “How to mix the old four Seasons chicken rack so that it is delicious.”Careful netizens see here has found that the blogger’s hand has been placed with a bag of “four seasons chicken rack”.While eating, while praising the delicious, and then the camera turned, picked up the “four seasons chicken rack” in front of the camera, said, “if you want to eat friends, there are ready-made in the lower left corner.”The reporter searched relevant keywords on the short video platform and found that there are not a few bloggers who shot similar videos in shenyang’s “old Four Seasons” store. The common point is that there are links of yellow cars selling “Four Seasons Chicken rack” hanging in the lower room of the video.The reporter specially bought this “four seasons chicken rack”, after opening the package, noticed that “four seasons chicken rack” package, in addition to a vacuum package of chicken rack, also equipped with chili oil newspaper, pickle bag, seasoning bag, looks very similar to the “old four seasons” store sold chicken rack.Is the “Old Four Seasons” out of pre-packaged chicken rack?Can you eat the old Four Seasons chicken rack without going to the store?This kind of video broadcast, not only caused a lot of “old four seasons” feelings of shenyang old iron concern, also caused a lot of heart “old four seasons” chicken rack outside the net friend attention.The founder of “Old Four Seasons” said: “Four Seasons Chicken Rack” is not our product. The reporter noticed that on the packaging of “Four Seasons Chicken Rack” products, the manufacturer, origin and other information is clearly marked.Its manufacturer is Liaoning Zhongzheng Food Co., LTD., the factory address is Shenyang Hunnan District East lake street Li Xiang village.The manufacturer is indeed in Shenyang. Is there any relationship between this product and shenyang’s “old four Seasons”?The reporter through the yellow car link in the video, contact to sell “four seasons chicken rack” “Shengjing impression” store customer service, put forward a question, the other side frankly “not the old four seasons brand, but taste good.””Then why was it filmed at the Old Four Seasons?””Yellow car link why write is the same old four seasons chicken rack?”The reporter’s other questions, customer service answers become flickering, in addition to “taste good, can try”, is “sorry.”On March 8, the reporter reached shenyang “old four seasons” founder Ms. Zhang Bingrong.Cheung Bing-yong clearly told reporters that “Four Seasons chicken rack” is not the “old four Seasons” products, “old four Seasons” has never sold pre-packaged video vacuum packaging chicken rack, “we used to use vacuum bag packaging chicken rack, give relatives and friends, but never sold.””We have also found this matter and are dealing with it,” said Manager of shenyang’s “old Four Seasons” store.Shenyang city Shen he district 13 weft road, Shenyang “old four seasons” general store manager Wang Jiguo tells a reporter, “old four seasons” also discover, someone is in “old four seasons” tiexi, huang Gu and other areas of the branch store inside the shooting explore store video, “it is to say chicken frame how to mix delicious, then take their products to sell.””We have reported the videos on short video platforms, and some of the videos have been taken down,” Wang said.At the same time, the “old four seasons” store also received many inquiries on the phone, “often someone asked us, the vacuum chicken rack online is not our production.”Wang Jiguo said, chicken rack is shenyang more well-known a kind of food, not “old four seasons” brand unique, production and sales of chicken rack products, this is beyond blame, but should pay attention to marketing means, can completely make their own brand bigger and stronger, there is no need to rub the heat of other brands hit the edge ball, “do not mislead consumers.”Lawyer’s statement:Consumers because of misguided cause losses can be held accountable in liaoning international open Jiang Wanpeng, director of the law firm lawyers, said the event the seller of goods, the video posted on old four seasons consumption, this is a stunt in video with other similar products, seller purpose clearly, namely to confuse consumers seeing and hearing, make consumers produce old four seasons with packaging of chicken goods alone,Mislead consumer to undertake consumption.This kind of behavior obviously belongs to take improper means to have misdirect to consumer, should stop immediately.Because this reminds broad consumer, should identify seriously when consuming, prevent to be misdirected.In the meantime, if consumer is misdirected to produce a loss because of this, can pursue responsibility through legal means.Statement: In addition to the original content and special instructions, push the manuscript text and pictures are from the network and major mainstream media.The copyright belongs to the original author.If you think the content is infringing, please contact us to delete.Urgent!!!The shenyang taxi driver took one more look at the crowd at work and found…Last night, the list was revealed!This name makes Shenyang proud!Liaoning a place to send missing person notice!