Women have these 4 characteristics, or fertility is strong!How many are you?Might as well test yourself

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Sometimes the development of society is really fast, before the older generation of people living in poverty, but still a family can raise several children, several children can grow together.Although the living conditions have improved, the policy has also influenced every family to encourage them to have one child, and those who have more than one child have to face punishment. Now more and more young people are reluctant to have children, and the annual birth rate is gradually falling.There may be a part of the reason is because people’s ideas have changed, there may also be a part of the reason is because people’s physical conditions have changed, there are also a lot of people have the pain of fertility, want to give birth to physical conditions are not allowed or older and older and other factors.Many friends, especially women, also began to have trouble preparing for pregnancy.Just relax. According to many studies, if you have any of the following physical traits, you may be far more fertile than most women.You may think long legs are just for beauty, but they also have a hidden function.Long legs are a subconscious sign of good nutrition and fertility, according to research published in the Journal Evolution and Human Behavior.Under normal circumstances, people’s legs in the body after the end of development, will finalize the design, and can have beautiful long legs of the female is in the body development of adequate nutrition, healthy, which is also the day after tomorrow to lay a good foundation for fertility.2. Ruddy skin with color and luster since ancient times, women will send out a unique beauty, in fact, this is mainly due to the secretion of estrogen in the body, female estrogen rich, female characteristics will be more obvious, but also easy to show in the outside, such as white skin, sharp voice, etc..And ruddy skin color is also a sign of human health.Women who are healthy and have high levels of oestrogen are naturally more likely to conceive, which means they are more fertile.The old adage that a woman has a big butt to give birth to is only half true.Because it’s not the hips that give birth, it’s the pelvis that gives birth.Women with bigger hips tend to have wider pelvises.A woman with a large pelvis will have a baby that moves slowly into the pelvis during pregnancy, making it easier for her to give birth, which is also one of the most favorable reproductive conditions.In a sense, menstruation is equivalent to fertility, which is very important for women.Female monthly menstruation is regular, explain ovary, uterus is healthier.The occurrence of menstruation is mainly affected by ovarian secretion hormone, resulting in endometrial shedding, ovarian health, female ovulation will be relatively regular, the probability of conception will be greater.These a few research have been summed up some rules, if you happen to meet the, need not too much anxiety fertility problems, if any difference in your situation and the above mentioned, don’t worry, we can through own subjective efforts, so as to achieve easy birth of small targets, in short, you most should do is to adjust their own state of mind, take it easy,What will come will come!Good mentality, but also have a good habit of, early to bed and early to rise, don’t stay up late, don’t let yourself carry too much pressure, adhere to the bland diet on food, eat excitant food less, eat more vegetables, fruits, to ensure the daily nutritional standards, can also often go to exercise the physique, let yourself under the sunshine, happy life!Of course, birth planning is not something you can do on your own. At this time, you need to learn to live with your family, create a harmonious and warm atmosphere for family life, prepare yourself physically and mentally, and don’t think about it all the time.After a while, you’ll find yourself getting pregnant without even thinking about it!Every birth is wonderful and unique.Life brings us, whether positive or negative problems, are challenges and gifts to us. When you are honest with yourself and life, you will find your beauty is the most charming.[2] “Three female college students fear lifelong infertility! Staying up late is more harmful than you think”.Health Guangdong.2021-01-11 07:59[3] The Urgent Need to Protect Female Fertility.China Women’s News.2021-03-24 09:22