The remaining 4 stations of Beijing Metro Line 19, why the delay of opening, when to put into operation?Have a reply

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Welcome to follow @city information stack in Baidu APP.Article | intelligence chief intelligence officer @ city stack metro line 19 is Beijing rail transit projects in the planning of phase ii, has been launched at the end of 2021, reference the 19th line ShuaiZhan opened.The second phase of Line 19 has also been included in the third phase planning of Beijing Subway. Please refer to the article “Beijing Subway Third Phase Planning comes out, 10 lines! Which areas are good?”.However, the first phase of Line 19 has only opened six stations, and the remaining four are not scheduled to open by the end of 2021, leaving many wondering when the four stations — Jingfengmen, Taipingqiao, Pinganli and Beitaipingzhuang — will be put into operation.Recently, the municipal major affairs Office made a response to this.Jingfengmen Station According to the information revealed by the Municipal Major Affairs Office, jingfengmen Station is currently accelerating the integration construction of equipment hanging hall and surrounding land, and will “strive” to put into operation in 2022.”Strive”, “2022”, if it opens at the end of the year, it will be 2022.Taiping Bridge station exit has been built, but not open to the public.When does Taiping Bridge station open?The office said it would organize construction units to make all-out efforts to ensure the taiping Bridge station is put into use as soon as possible under the premise of fully ensuring safety.Just saying “as soon as possible” without giving a target time frame is not as promising as Jingfengmen.Pinganli Station is similar to Taiping Bridge Station. The major office’s response to Pinganli Station is to organize construction units to make all-out efforts to ensure that the station is put into use as soon as possible.However, a clear reason was given for the delayed opening of the station, because the number of built entrances and exits did not meet the requirements of safe evacuation, and part of the station equipment related to safety and service quality was not completed debugging.Like The Pinganli station, the suspension of operation was due to safety evacuation requirements, and no specific date was given.Be patient.The construction date of Beijing Metro Line 13 east Station has been preliminarily confirmed. The second line will be started.S6 line is included in Beijing’s key projects, line orientation is determined in the Year of the Tiger: When will Fangshan Line and Line 9 of Beijing metro be connected?The M101 has a false start!The third phase of Beijing subway construction begins. If you want to know more exciting content, come to the city information stack