Tang Sister-in-law sun their children, in-laws and Guo Du old photos, to attract traffic?

2022-05-05 0 By

On January 25, the sister-in-law, who has quit talking about the issue, suddenly posted three videos showing old photos of her children, her in-laws and Guo Du.She was well aware of the consequences of online violence, and what kind of onlookers would be attracted to Posting photos of popular people, and she posted them anyway.Is it not hot enough to attract traffic?Tang Sister-in-law quit 28 said do not like such a network.Looks like she liked it after all.If a person does not like the Internet, but still sends private photos on the Internet, it shows that she likes the Internet and is not willing to leave.There’s a du?She basked in the strong, the netizen’s comment is also strong, here will not be reproduced.Words warm the heart, winter brings its own tears.As for guo Du, some people say they were handsome when they were young.It’s true, when we met them, they were going to see Yao Ce in disgrace, old and not good looking.Suddenly saw young photos, of course, feel much better.Really, take two people when young and old photos to contrast, not kua young good-looking sorry that let people linger in youth.Guo Du?About Guo mou Kuan that 10 years of military career, first of all to pay tribute to the lovely guardian.At the same time, I would like to ask, since I have been dedicated, I know that the first duty of an army man is to obey orders, orders and rules.Why did you go out of your way to comply with the rules of the day?Already know accord with, why conceal the true situation to apply for what certificate?The same status, Yao division soldier did not do so.He and Xu Min abide by the rules for half a lifetime, probably never heard can do so.Guo Du’s operation has been found, but also do not take the initiative to confess, but also quibble, failed to live up to 10 years of education ah!(Pictures from the Internet, infringement must be deleted)