Relatives “group” theft of air conditioning machine money did not cover the heat was “group destroyed”

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From November last year to the beginning of January this year, deyang City, Sichuan province, a number of air conditioning units have been stolen, stolen air conditioning units along the street shops air conditioning units.The suspects in many cases had similar methods, and the cases were handed over to The Donghu Police Station for investigation by jingyang District Branch of Deyang Public Security Bureau.On February 10, according to the Jingyang District Public Security Bureau, a series of cases involving the theft of air conditioners were successfully solved, and all three suspects were arrested.At the same time, as the suspects were arrested, a car theft and a number of burglary cases have been solved.The suspect was captured by police.In late December, donghu Police Station of Jingyang District Public Security Sub-bureau received a report from a shop owner in downtown Deyang that an air conditioner had been stolen from his shop.When the police launched an investigation, on January 5 this year, the East Lake police station received deyang downtown Qingyi River bridge near a commercial pedestrian street shop owner reported that the air conditioner outside the house was stolen.”We found stolen pipes from the shop’s air conditioning unit and traces of cut wires.”Handling the case police Ding Zhiming introduction, in the transfer of pedestrian street surveillance video, they found clues.At about 4 o ‘clock in the morning of January 5, a black car drove to the roadside opposite the shop. Two people got out of the car and walked straight to the air conditioner outside the shop door. After playing with it for a while, the two people directly carried the air conditioner into the car trunk and drove away.After mastering the suspect is driving to carry out the theft clue, handling the case police immediately launched an investigation against the black car involved.”Due to the distance of the surveillance, we could not determine the license plate number at that time, but only knew that it was a black car, which made the investigation difficult.”Police said that in the early morning of January 10, deyang urban area deshi road near the air conditioning machine was also stolen, 3 air conditioning machine stolen.Because the modus operandi and time are similar, the police judge these two cases may be related, perhaps is a theft gang.In order to confirm the speculation, the police looked up the recent theft cases in Deyang, and found that in addition to jingyang district, similar cases had occurred in Shifang, Guanghan and Deyang economic and technological Development zones since November last year.For this, Jingyang district public security sub-bureau to these cases and investigation.As the depth of investigation, police discovery is in these cases, had appeared a black BYD F6 car.The difference is that the black BYD F6 car plate number of each case is different, there are Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, and Bazhong.”This gang is very anti-detective minded and these plates all use different plates, but from this information we can also confirm that these are all the work of the same gang.”Police told Red Star news reporters.Handling the case police through a lot of work, found that every time the case, there is the same woman to follow, responsible for the scene watch.With further investigation, the police learned that a woman surnamed Gong was a serious suspect and arrested her in a residential area in the city on January 20.Relatives “group” fleeing crime to steal air conditioning unit to the case, Gong mou to participate in the theft of air conditioning unit criminal behavior confessed.At the same time, police identified two accomplices Lin and Yang clues.According to gong mou confession, Yang mou (male, 31 years old) is gong mou husband, Lin Mou (male, 25 years old) is Yang Mou cousin.Lin found gong couple in November last year, said no work, can not find money, invited them to think of a way to get some money.As gong and his wife also have no income from work, they hit it off immediately.In order to facilitate the implementation of theft, in late November last year, Lin and Yang went to Shifang, in the local theft of a black BYD F6 car, parked under a remote bridge on the outskirts of the city, two days later to see was not found, with Lin ready to change the card, and then drive away.Subsequently, he drove the car to several districts (cities, counties) in Deyang to commit theft.From November last year to January this year, the gang of three people repeatedly carried out the theft of air conditioning units outside shops, burglary.Subsequently, the police will go out of the Lin mou captured.When checking the identity of Yang, the police learned that Yang had been arrested by the Public security organs in Shifang.So far, 3 members of this stealing gang are all arrested.After investigation, Lin mou in the gang had been sentenced to detention and imprisonment for theft, to this series of theft, just released a few months, and about the same theft and drug history of cousin Yang mou “resume business”.As they have been punished for many times, they have a strong sense of anti-investigation. They usually commit crimes in the early hours of the morning.According to preliminary investigation, the stolen property of the gang included a car, a number of liquor, gold and silver jewelry, more than 10 air conditioning units and so on.At present, all three were detained by the public security organs for theft, and the case is still being handled further.Zhao Binyu ever Kejia Red star news reporter Wang Mingping editor Peng Jiang (download red star news, newsfeed awards!)