Outstanding configuration can also think of what users think, iQOO Neo5S start experience

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As a lover of the digital industry, I can obviously feel the efforts of domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Many mobile phone manufacturers have to meet the needs of consumers on the one hand, and on the other hand, they have to constantly improve their quality and technology. If they can do both, success will come naturally.The iQOO Neo5S to be evaluated this time is a mobile phone with great efforts, which can fully meet the needs of consumers in terms of appearance and configuration.Here’s a look at the phone.Exterior Design Although cell phones are primarily practical, who doesn’t like pretty things?If your phone is designed to look attractive, it will make you more happy to use it.The iQOO Neo5S is designed with a heart in mind.It comes in three colors: Nightspace, Sunset Canyon and Orange Light Leap. Mine is Nightspace.With a black background and matte sandblasting and oxidation process, the phone has a deep texture.For people who like simple styles, this color scheme is worth entering.Performance configuration For mobile phones, performance configuration is the most important.This iQOO Neo5S is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which is familiar to many people. It has a 5nm process and a running score of 860000 points. In addition, the CPU performance has been improved by 25% and the GPU performance has been improved by 35% compared with the previous generation.IQOO Neo5S is also equipped with the performance iron Triangle, including enhanced UFS3.1 and enhanced LPDDR5, which can greatly improve the speed of reading and writing data and software startup, thus bringing a smoother use experience.The iQOO Neo5S also comes with a bonus display chip Pro if you’re a gaming enthusiast, which is designed to boost game performance.For example, it can add transition frames to a game’s screen, making a low frame rate game a high frame rate experience.In addition, it can also share the pressure of GPU rendering, stable frame rate and durable operation.In short, with the existence of this independent display chip Pro, the picture quality is more outstanding and more distinct.Screens are getting better and better, and so is this iQOO Neo5S.The screen has a refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes switching between games and videos smooth and feels better.In addition, the screen resolution can reach 2400*1080, plus 100%P3 color gamut coverage, color, detail and other aspects of the screen performance is better.Cameramen are now used to using mobile phones to record the beauty of the side, for mobile phone camera requirements, from the beginning to shoot clearly, to now for picture optimization, texture and other aspects also have requirements.The iQOO Neo5S also does this very well.It comes with three lenses, a 48-megapixel main shot and OIS optical stabilization, as well as a 13-megapixel wide-angle and black-and-white lens.If you want to take a good night shot, the iQOO Neo5S has an IMX598 outsole sensor and a night view algorithm for easy textured shots.OIS optical anti-shake plus algorithm can clearly capture moving objects for a more stable and clear picture when shooting moving pictures.In addition, distant and close shots can be easily shot, any time with a shot is a good-looking blockbuster.The iQOO Neo5S is a great phone that meets most people’s expectations and needs. If it meets yours, get it now.If you need it, you can have it right away