Buy is to earn, Chengdu BYD F3 car discount 12.03%

2022-05-05 0 By

Byd F3, which has been waiting for a long time, has finally lowered its price. From now to February 1st, BYD Dynasty Chengdu Shengshi Xinjing Store has lowered its price by 12.03%.I really can’t wait to go to the store to see the style of BYD F3 ah promotion period from February 1, 2022 to February 1, 2022 preferential conditionsIn-store insurance, in-store loans, in-store BYD F3 latest offer model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price margin Chengdu offer 1.5L manual by typical 44,900 yuan 0.5400 yuan 39,500 yuan 1.5L manual value model 47,800 yuan 0.300 yuan 44,800 yuan 1.5LManual deluxe edition 50,800 yuan 30,300 yuan 47,800 yuan