“New Year walk grassroots” Xiangda machinery: with the “chain master” enterprises to achieve development and upgrading

2022-05-04 0 By

In the production workshop, workers are operating machine tools, product by product off the production line, packing away.In the Spring Festival, Jingzhou Xiangda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is sprinting to provide sufficient supporting products for the main chain enterprises, and also to realize the “good start” task of the company in the New Year to start the “accelerated run”.”Production is already scheduled for the rest of the year and is increasing.”Chen Wei, general manager of the company, said that the company is a close partner of Henglong Group, the main chain enterprise in jingzhou auto parts industry.In recent years, the transformation and upgrading of chain main enterprises has also led to the leapfrog development of Xiangda machinery.In 2021, it will become the “little Giant” of provincial specialization and the invisible champion of provincial subdivision field, with annual output value of 110 million yuan, an increase of 15% compared with 2020.On the operating table, the worker pushes the button, sets the parameters, the production equipment can start automatic drilling and milling, fine grinding and other processes, less than 2 minutes a finished input shaft can be processed.”This input shaft is an important part of the steering gear of the car.”Chen Wei introduced that in recent years, Henglong Group automotive steering system products have realized the upgrade from traditional to electric, xiangda machinery “run” Henglong, accelerate the pace of technological transformation.Last year, the company invested 10 million yuan in the introduction of advanced automatic production equipment from the coastal areas to optimize the process. At present, the input shaft processing beat is 4 times faster than the traditional process, and the product quality is better.”The company spends more than 5 percent of its sales on R&D every year.”Chen Wei said, on the basis of investment in high-end equipment, but also refined patent technology, now the company has 2 invention patents and 23 utility model patents, are used in equipment transformation and product quality, product quality leads the market, is the main chain of strategic core suppliers.”Last year, the enterprise added arm shaft, vertical arm production line, the production of automobile steering arm shaft and vertical arm.”Chen Wei introduced, with the main chain, around the automotive steering system parts and components products, deep cultivation of superior products, do fine and specialized.Now it can produce steering nuts, arm shafts, input shafts, shells and other steering system parts, with an annual output of about 6 million pieces.”Jump the gun as well as follow.”Chen Wei said, seize the development opportunities of new energy vehicles, this year, Xiangda machinery will invest 10 million yuan, a new production workshop, used to produce supporting new energy vehicle steering parts, is expected to achieve annual output value of 15 million yuan, this year the company’s total output value will rise 10% than 2021.Source: Jingzhou Development Zone Rong Media Center