How many hours does the car last at most?Never overdrive

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Test a car can run continuously, can run continuously how many kilometers, mainly depends on the engine can withstand, such as engine overheating, in fact, a car from design to production, are through uninterrupted operation test.In order to comprehensively test the car and promote it in the market, automobile manufacturers will not only test the performance of the engine, but also test the chassis, tires and other parts of the car as a whole. The process from test to mass production is very strict.For example, before the official mass production of Skoda Kermick, a series of laboratory simulation tests were carried out in various environments such as extreme distance and extreme road conditions. The comprehensive test mileage was over 4 million kilometers across 4 continents, equivalent to more than 100 times around the earth.Wolfsburg test ground: the most complete test road in the Volkswagen group. Performance tests are carried out around the clock under extremely harsh conditions.Finland test track: use the low temperature of -30℃ in winter and the natural ice and snow road surface.China’s local whole road test ground: the highest altitude of 5000 meters, from 40℃ high temperature and high humidity hainan to -40℃ extremely low temperature Heihe, and then to the surface temperature of 70℃ dry hot Turpan.Arizona test site: to complete the sun exposure experiment, test the performance of the vehicle under various limit conditions, whether the sheet metal and plastic parts of the body will be vulnerable, whether the sealing is affected, and whether the electrical appliances are in normal operation.Scania Test site, South Africa: accept the comprehensive test drive test conducted by top engineers and board members of Volkswagen Group, and continuously put forward suggestions for improvement until they pass the comprehensive evaluation.So, for my Skoda, running for more than a dozen hours is basically stress-free, but driving more than 5,000 kilometers at a time is almost impaired driving.Although driving for long periods of time does not cause damage to the vehicle, it is not clear to many drivers how much time they need to rest.According to the “road Traffic Safety Law implementation Regulations” article 62 clause 7 provisions, drivers shall not continuously drive motor vehicles more than 4 hours without stopping to rest or stop to rest time less than 20 minutes.Otherwise, it is regarded as fatigue driving.In order to prevent fatigue driving, Skoda is also equipped with intelligent fatigue warning function on several models: the system will record the driver’s steering wheel usage, accelerator and brake pedal action, turn signal, daylight time, driving time, and judge whether the driver is in a state of fatigue driving through calculation.Activation conditions: ① speed > 60km/h, ② running over 15min.When the speed is above 60km/h and the driving time is more than 4 hours, the system will actively alarm.Static test fatigue monitoring steps: power on – step on the brake – turn on the double jump warning lamp – move the high beam – wiper switch to move the point gear.Fatigue driving causes great risks, and fatigue monitoring is like a vigilant companion walking with you, timely reminding you to pay attention to rest, reducing travel risks, and making the passengers feel at ease.Although driving for a long time is “a piece of cake” for the vehicle, but people are not made of iron, so, for the safety of you and others, or advise everyone not to drive tired oh!