Attention, people!There are subsidies to buy electrical appliances, up to 15000 yuan!

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To say the current top flow, must be the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” a trick hard to find…Some netizens urged # # please implement one trick the Beijing games organizers are coordinated “ice mound mound” supply and also want to remind everyone in addition to “ice mound mound” focus on taking the “snow” oh we will soon be able to achieve “one household one block”‘s desire “a family harmony” was at all for “ice mound mound” xiang girls at the same time also to send New Year start package!By the provincial women’s federation and tong cheng electrical appliance of “face me, sister, must subsidies, caring family” special subsidies will be held this weekend (13 February) thank you for the women’s federation system advanced model to make important contributions to the economic and social development of hunan province tong cheng electric appliance, append the “special treatment” thank you, at the same time, on the basis of the original added some hot style products,So that subsidies can benefit more families and people.1. The national Women’s Pacesetter, heroine model, the most beautiful women’s Federation honor winner can receive 1000 yuan cash voucher without threshold.2, provincial March 8 pacesetter, heroine model, the most beautiful women’s federation honor winner can receive 600 yuan threshold free cash vouchers.3, municipal women’s pacesetter, heroine model, the most beautiful women’s federation honor winner can receive 400 yuan threshold free cash vouchers.4. Civilized families, five good families and the most beautiful families at or above the municipal level can receive RMB 400 cash voucher without threshold.1. No-threshold cash vouchers can be used as cash in tongcheng stores across the province.2. The above honor recipients can receive the special honor with the honor certificate, original ID card or household registration booklet (honor Family) at the store on February 13.If I am unable to come to the store, my immediate relatives can come to the store with the certificate of honor, the original id card of the representative, the household register.3, each person or each household who has obtained the above honor can enjoy one courtesy according to the highest standard, which can not be taken together.4. The above mentioned municipal honors belong to 14 cities and states in Hunan Province (excluding county-level cities).1. Changhong 55-inch 4K TV, the market price is 2999 yuan, the factory price is 2199 yuan, and the subsidy price is 1699 yuan;2. Hisense 1.5P variable frequency hang-up machine (limited to one set per household), market price 2499 Yuan, factory price 2199 yuan, subsidy price 1899 yuan;3. Hisense 2P cylindrical frequency conversion cabinet machine (each household is limited to one set), the market price is 4599 YUAN, the factory price is 3599 yuan, and the subsidy price is 2999 Yuan;4, Glida 1.5P secondary frequency conversion sleep enjoy hanger KFR-35GW/(35521) FNHAA-B2, market price 4199 yuan, factory price 3599 yuan, subsidy price 2999 yuan;5. Meiling 526 liter double door refrigerator, market price 2999 yuan, factory price 2599 yuan, subsidy price 2199 yuan;6. Rongsheng 426-liter cross-switch frequency conversion refrigerator, market price 3599 yuan, ex-factory price 3199 yuan, subsidy price 2499 yuan;7. Haier 10 kg drum washing machine, market price 2199 yuan, factory price 1999 yuan, subsidy price 1699 yuan;8. Wanhe embedded Q1-L06 toughened glass panel double burner, market price 1299 yuan, factory price 999 yuan, subsidy price 699 yuan;9, Haier smoke stove set (big suction side smoking machine + toughened glass panel double head stove), market price 3698 yuan, factory price 2199 yuan, subsidy price 1499 yuan;10, boss smoke stove set (double cavity smoke machine + toughened glass panel double head stove), market price 6340 yuan, factory price 4788 yuan, subsidy price 2999 yuan;11. Midea disinfection cabinet integrated kitchen stove, market price 9999 yuan, factory price 7999 yuan, subsidy price 4599 yuan;12, Kunshan visual cat eye smart lock, market price 2380 yuan, factory price 1999 yuan, subsidy price 1380 yuan;13. American automatic drying clothes hanger, market price 1999 yuan, factory price 1599 yuan, subsidy price 999 yuan.The participants are cadres and workers of the provincial women’s federation system, executive committee members of women’s federations at all levels, members of women’s committees of provincial units, honorary winners of women’s federations at all levels, members of women’s federations, associations and organizations guided and contacted by women’s federations, and villagers in the pilot area of Hunan Sister energy Homeland.The first 50,000 female applicants in the province will also receive subsidies.Activity time 9:00-22:00, February 13, 2022 All express stores in the province will participate in the activity.You must register in advance to enter on the same day.Registration can not buy, do not register can not enter.1. The first 50,000 female applicants of provincial residents can enjoy the same subsidy.The application form should be sent to by 18:00 on February 12.2. The purchase limit for each household is 1 air-conditioner cabinet, 3 hangers, 1 TV, 1 refrigerator, 1 washing machine, 1 kitchen appliance and 1 mobile phone.Free delivery in Hunan province, door-to-door installation, free storage of electrical appliances for 6 months.3. If there are no outlet stores in the area where the applicants live, the long-distance travel subsidy for the outlet is RMB 50 yuan/family for the distance from 50 kilometers to 100 kilometers, RMB 100 yuan/family for the distance from 100 kilometers to 200 kilometers and RMB 200 yuan/family for the distance from 200 kilometers.New Year start gift multi-category electrical appliances super value subsidy is in the need of Electrical appliances sisters act as soon as possible!Source: Dai Yuyao district Women’s Federation Editor/Huang Jingkang editor/Fu Yamei duty deputy editor-in-chief/Happy duty Editor-in-chief/Xiong Qiyu-end –