What is the harm of vitiligo in the later stage?

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Patients with vitiligo etiology is very complex, it is relatively difficult to treatment, patients with vitiligo vitiligo seriously affect the physical and mental health, in the early disease symptoms lighter to aggressive treatment, should maintain good habits and customs, for a long time to timely control the development of the disease, so as to reduce damage from vitiligo illness, so,What harm will vitiligo disease have in the later period?Let’s take a look at the details below.Patients with vitiligo uv defense capability is weak, the incidence of skin cancer is much better than the normal people, vitiligo may induce many diseases, such as pernicious anemia, alopecia areata, psoriasis, malignant tumor, diseases such as bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and cataract, and concurrent hyperthyroidism, diseases such as diabetes, chronic active hepatitis, although the ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer,But vitiligo illness is different, the white spot some mechanism will generate the protective mechanism of skin cancer, and skin cancer with long-term exposure to the malignant tumor (ultraviolet radiation), and other factors, there is no connection with the etiology, symptoms of vitiligo harm, just, vitiligo patients is more sensitive to ultraviolet ray, if exposure may cause skin allergic reactions.Vitiligo often repeatedly but let no matter, can appear the deterioration of the illness, illness caused by other complications, such as thyroid disease or diabetes, the emergence of vitiligo, could easily lead to the occurrence of thyroid diseases and diabetes, alopecia areata is more common complications of vitiligo, vitiligo may appear all bald or single or multiple alopecia areata,This stage complications occurred in more commonly, easy cause psoriasis, vitiligo patients vitiligo is likely to cause tumors, vitiligo and malignant melanoma has the close relation, malignant melanoma cancer cells can easily lead to the emergence of vitiligo, vitiligo is likely to lead to squamous cell carcinoma, gastric cancer and other diseases, so don’t look down upon it,Clinically, patients with vitiligo complicated by alopecia areata are not uncommon. Vitiligo can be accompanied by total alopecia or single or multiple alopecia areata on the scalp or beard, mainly in advanced and generalized vitiligo.Vitiligo symptoms in patients with psychological harm is manifested in a certain impact, many sick people with vitiligo after heart to be in long-term depression, low self-esteem, negative state, gradually develop into the eccentricity, autistic character, moreover in patients with chronic inferiority, self-pity and unhappy state, of course, is more conducive to vitiligo illness treatment work,Under the severe cases may even lead to vitiligo vitiligo attack again, the harm of vitiligo patients as well as social barriers, white spot appeared on the skin after patients fear of others’ attention, particularly sensitive about relationships, if it is depressed for a long time to make patients produce social crisis, thus affect the patients’ normal life, work, social, love, marriage, etc.,The harm is really very great, so vitiligo patients should be timely medical treatment work.What harm will vitiligo disease have in the later period?Above is the harm of vitiligo parsing, sure you have the correct understanding of vitiligo patients can rest assured, high risk of skin cancer than the average person, vitiligo illness has certain genetic probability, and affect the appearance, give yourself a huge psychological pressure, patients should be promptly to the regular, the treatment of vitiligo hospital system, professional,So that the therapeutic effect is more guaranteed.