Volkswagen’s most recognizable car was the official debut of its all-new Lamando

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Mass most recognizable models is it officially unveiled new mass ling ling new cross cross (image) | | configuration inquiry L a formal position on January 17, the appearance of generation models, original ling when crossing the debut in “the luxury of optimum wide-body coupe” is well known, in this generation, ling a comprehensive innovation of crossing, and the overall design stand out in the popular series,The coupe version of the compact model is rare, so let’s explore what kind of innovation lamando will usher in this time.Lamando, equipped with frameless doors as the replacement model, not only innovates the appearance of the old model, but also is quite special in the whole Volkswagen series. The four protruding ribs on the hood are very fierce, converging on the through-type light belt, and the through-type daytime running light connects the lights on both sides through the logo.The air intake grille is placed in the lower part of the front face of Lamando. The hexagonal net seems to be like a shark rushing to the food. The diversion holes on both sides outline the outline of the body and make the “jaws of the shark” more fierce.Officials say the new Lamando L’s A-pillar position is moved forward to create A more compact sedan.The tail of the hatchback coupe is still rare at this price point, which also makes the appearance design that originally stood out in the Volkswagen family stand out in the same level of models, and the design of the double waist line also makes the vehicle lines very stretch.The frameless door design makes the new Lamando L officially join the ranks of coupes. Although the frameless door is a relatively weak product for some people, it is enough to become the most eye-catching design for those who like it.LAMANDO L adopts a through-through taillight design at the rear of the car, and LAMANDO L is arranged successively below the logo.Using 18-inch two-color wheels, size 225/45 R18, 18-inch wheels make lamando L’s bottom plate look more stable.Clam shell hood adopts double lock design.There will be a 1.4t engine version with 150 horsepower and 250N·m torque and a 7-speed dry dual clutch transmission.Interior design Smart interior design with double screen, control panel tilts to the driver side, the vehicle is based on simple and atmospheric design style, atmosphere lamp is a rare configuration of this level of models.The instrument panel before the co-driver uses a number of depth of the straight line combination and become, this kind of design makes the advantage is when waiting for the traffic light, when looking around the car will not feel monotonous.Using a flat steering wheel, the visual steering wheel cortex tight, and has a significant change in thickness at nine.The steering wheel of the three modeling silver trim outline the internal outline more efficient.The file area adopts the design of black piano paint, which is used for luxury brand models, but it is easy to leave a scratch problem. After lifting the car, we need to consider the problem of sticking the film in the piano paint part.There are three storage Spaces in the handle area, and the razor-type handle is exquisitely designed.Equipped with sports seats, transparent trunk space sports seats with red stitching, waist and legs with certain lateral support, the flanks with different colors of splicing processing.The rear door panel is equipped with atmosphere lamp, which also makes the rear passenger’s look and feel more outstanding, and the leg space is relatively abundant, but the head space of the sedan model is generally slightly inferior to that of the three-compartment model because of the modeling.Although the headspace of the coupe is slightly less than that of the three-box model, the hatchback trunk of the coupe has the height and transparency of the trunk that the three-box model cannot compare.To sum up, the new Lamando L made its debut with strong products and added impressive details, such as frameless doors, razor handles, piano lacquered interior, clam shell hood, as well as the appearance design that will stand out no matter in Volkswagen family or the same level of cars. Compared with the previous model,This time, Lamando L is closer to the slogan of “Luxury and comfortable wide body Sedan”.The tepid design of the previous generation may be due to the lack of excellence in conservative design, which can neither meet the preferences of young people nor meet the needs of family cars. It is not difficult to see the increasing intensity of movement and youth of this generation, so we are looking forward to the market performance after this generation.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)