Skin care tips!

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1 forehead blain blain: long-term stay up 2 nose blain blain: stomach fire, constipation blain blain: 3 nose may have gynecopathy four lip weeks blain blain: eating too much greasy, spicy left cheek blain blain: poor blood circulation right cheek blain blain: associated with lung temple blain blain: unhealthy diet, digestive problems, 8 chin blain blain: endocrine dyscrasia gills help of blain blain:Overworked and under great pressure, it is forbidden to squeeze acne by hand, which is easy to form scars and acne marks. Squeezing by hand is easy to cause bacterial infection and inflammation again.Wash your face with warm water, not too often, twice a day, usually remove makeup, do facial cleansing regularly, choose skin care products suitable for yourself, get twice the result with half the effort.