New “light energy” charging treasure, support all kinds of light source, eyes, slap can also

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A few days ago, a man came to my house and knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw a girl with long hair down her shoulders and a red midriff-baring dress.She was carrying a brown paper bag in her right hand and an indescribable phone in her left. It looked like a powerpoint phone xiaomi had released a few years ago — the Mi MIX Alpha, which was billed as a “wraparound screen” but was not Xiaomi’s, but a capital H.Did Huawei get a new logo?I asked her, “Who are you looking for?”She said, “Do you need a power bank?”It was a salesman, and I said, “I don’t need a power bank.””Our power bank is light powered,” she said. “As long as there is light, it can charge.”I disdain of say: “cloudy day rain not can’t use” she shook her head: “you say of that is solar energy, we this is light energy, not just sunlight, like moonlight, light, as long as light line” I casually connected 1: “that vision?”She was obviously a little speechless and said, “Any light will do.”Her voice did not fall, I stretched out my hand to her face hit a slap, she was very quick to hide the past, anger asked: “you why?”I say: “I see slap in the face to be able to charge” she speechless sigh a breath, leisurely leisurely say: “what light can” I casually asked 1: “moonlight ok?”She heard that I seemed to be asking a serious question, immediately excitedly explained: “This moonlight can be charged, at night, there is no need to worry about the electricity.”I hurriedly interrupted her: “I think you misunderstood.” “Misunderstood what?”She asked.”The moonlight that I say, is not the moon of the goddess of the moon, be ‘moonlight clan’ this moonlight, be to have no money to be able to buy?””You’re kidding. How could you get that for free?”I then said, “Since you don’t sell for nothing, then you go away and I don’t buy.””Wait, I’m not finished,” she continued. “The power bank is for you to buy, but this phone is free if you’re interested.”With that, he handed me your surround screen, a highly copied Xiaomi MIX Alpha.I asked her, “What brand is this?Not Huawei is it?Why write an H “she:” The Chinese brand “hear the Chinese brand these three words, suddenly in the mind a shock, then heard the mobile phone rang:” the Chinese brand 2060 mobile phone silly girl for your service, please input boot password.”Voice just fell, suddenly from the mobile phone, spread di Renjie’s voice: “Yuan Fang, how do you see?”Then the man standing in front of me said, “Please get the password.””This password is too simple, this is not” hero Di Renjie “on the lines of it: Yuan Fang, how do you see?I bet you don’t have any bullets in your gun.”Then I heard the phone say, “The password is correct, please choose one from the real person mode and the phone mode.”I said, ‘Live action.’After I finished, the phone suddenly disappeared and the man in front of me said to me, “Now please go to the emoticons. Please choose one of them.”I thought for a moment and chose “Xi”.At that very moment, the man in front of me suddenly took out a lung cough razor from his hip and began scraping his unbearded mouth, laughing and coughing all the time.I asked her, “Is this phone mine?””No, you can just experience it.””She explained.I asked her, ‘What can I experience?'” You can have your phone grant you a wish, any wish.””Ok,” I said and looked at the phone in my hand: “Can I make a wish now?””Yes,” she said. “Just say wish.””All I want now is for my phone to give me more chances to do that.”Right after I made my wish, she yelled, “Ha ha ha.”I said,” This future thing is no good, how can there be loopholes?”She said, “Do you know what the consequences are?Hahaha.””What is it?””The system will bite you,” she laughs.”What do you mean?”My question has just asked out, suddenly feel around blowing a good big wind, and then ear sounded a song: “the north wind blowing…”Oh, no, “to change through time…”Then the eyes of what all can not see, is full of sandstorms, visibility is not more than one nanometer, I can not help but said: “really fast ah, in an instant to Beijing.””Now you are not in 2021, you have arrived on January 1, 2060, now you are in the address of 2060, Beijing Xiaoxitian Time Tower.””Said the silly girl.”What?2060 years?”I suddenly felt that something was wrong. I thought for a moment and finally thought: “Isn’t it true that two of us can’t appear at the same time?Why can I come here?You say I don’t live to 2060?”Silly girl: “You can’t get here before the system has a bug, there is still a you in 2060, but now you can come, because the system has killed you in 2059.””I’ll go…Who is the system?”I have a little meng: “weak weak of ask 1, your old people isn’t the system?””Under normal conditions, I am the system.But because of what you just said, you messed up the phone system, and now I don’t know who killed you.But now you have arrived at January 1, 2060, this time should have not invented the Chinese brand phone, you still have a chance.You just have to prevent the birth of mobile phones before they are invented, so that this thing you travel through will not happen, naturally in 2059, you will not be killed by a phone for no reason.”Through the inquiry, they learned that the name of Chinese brand phone depends on an archaeology, they found a mobile phone in an ancient tomb, both sides of the screen, only HRP, so the experts agreed that this is an ancient Chinese brand, has not been recorded in history of Chinese brand.In fact, it’s a three-letter surround screen. It’s basically a screen that surrounds the body of the phone, front, side, and back.On the afternoon of September 24, 2019, Xiaomi unveiled its new concept phone mi MIX Alpha, which features a wrap-around screen with a screen size of 180.6%.In fact, this mobile phone did not sell how to give up, because of mass production!I proved through these historical facts, because the name of The Chinese brand is not real, so the Chinese brand of the mobile phone disappeared, so, history was overturned, I went back through time.