In The Book, Cheng Kun defeated Fan Yao three times. Why did he lose to Xie Xun?

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There are many quasi-first-class masters in The Book, and there are a large number of “King of The Law” masters.Song Yuanqiao and Zhang Songxi of Wudang, Emei’s extinct teacher tai, the four Dharma Kings of Ming Religion, and shaolin’s empty wisdom, emptiness and emptiness are all masters of “King of The Law”.In “lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon”, the master above “King of The Law” can be regarded as a first-class master.Free and unrestrained two immortal, xuanming two old, Yu Lianzhou, Zhou Zhi if and other people’s martial arts in the Ming Four law king.Among these elite players, this man had defeated Fan Yao three times, and Zhang Wuji thought he was as good as three du, but finally lost to The golden Lion king Xie Xun.Today, the protagonist of this article is cheng Kun, the villain in “Relying on Heaven and Killing Dragons”.The character of Cheng Kun runs throughout the book and is the driving force behind most of the important plots.In the original story, Cheng Kun’s life can be roughly divided into two periods.In the first period, Cheng Kun fell in love with his sister and accepted a talented apprentice, The Golden Lion King, Named Xie Xun.Unexpectedly, Cheng Kun’s sister married Yang Dingtian, the leader of The Ming Religion. Cheng Kun thought this was Yang Dingtian stealing his love with a sword, and he was determined to destroy the Ming Religion.In the second period, Cheng Kun was very deliberate. He tried every means to eliminate The Ming Religion, and even made a blood feuding with his apprentice Xie Xun, who made enemies in the martial arts under the banner of Ming Religion.Cheng Kun is a very tolerant person, his mind is also very careful, many times to the Ming set a trap.If it had not been for the sudden birth of Zhang Wuji, The Ming Religion would have been destroyed in the battle of Guangding.So, what level of kung fu was Cheng Kun?In The story of Relying on Heaven and Killing The Dragon, Cheng Kun’s schoolsister admonishes him many times not to seek revenge against Yang Dingtian, because he is no match for Yang Dingtian.Cheng Kun did not beat Yang Dingtian, but the gap between him and Yang Dingtian is not as big as everyone imagined.Cheng Kun is Xie Xun’s master, his martial arts must be no small feat.When Zhang Cuishan met Xie Xun for the first time, he thought that Xie Xun’s martial arts were still superior to that of his elder brother Song Yuan Bridge, so we can imagine cheng Kun’s martial arts level.Jin Yong always pays attention to “martial arts” and “martial arts”, with excellent martial arts also need to have skills to play out.Cheng Kun this person IQ is very high, but also very malicious hot shot, he can put his martial arts to the extreme.The bright right of bright education makes Fan Yao, he is a martial arts skill, resourceful do not lose Yang Xiao’s ace.Fan Yao suspects that the death of Yang Dingtian is concerned with Cheng Kun, Fan Yao wants to investigate Cheng Kun, but he dare not make a frontal move, only dare to attack.What is the level of Fan Yao’s martial arts?Lu Zaoke to win Fan Yao, at least after 100 moves.And cheng Kun beat Fan Yao?Light and pleasant.Fan Yao surprised Cheng Kun three times and failed three times with Fan Yao taking the lead.When Fan Yao attacked Cheng Kun for the third time, he was seriously beaten by Cheng Kun.In the original work, Fan Told zhang Wuji, Yang Xiao and others about the experience.Fan Yao said, “This man is really crafty and strong in martial arts. I have plotted against him three times but failed.The third time he struck me with his sword, and I was only able to escape without showing any sign of myself, but I was so badly wounded that I spent more than a year recovering.”Fan Yao’s words, “really cunning” with a strong sense of powerlessness.After the third failure, Fan Yao did not dare to continue to tangle with Cheng Kun.With fan Yao’s wisdom and skill, he could not beat Cheng Kun.In order to win kun, it seems to be zhang Sanfeng, Zhang Wuji and Kongjian who are masters of this level, Yang can not easily win Kun.Zhang Wuji thought he did not lose three duicheng Kun’s scheming very deep.He knew that he could not defeat the Enlightened religion on his own, and that he had to rely on the strength of the famous schools.So Cheng Kun alias round really, worship shaolin door.In the “lion slaughterer meeting”, Cheng Kun wanted to kill Kongwen first and then accuse Kongzhi, waiting for the opportunity to seize the abbot position and then sit on the throne of the supreme warrior.Cheng Kun studied kongjian as his teacher. Under Kongjian’s door, he learned “Shaolin Jiuyang Gong” and made a new leap in martial arts.Zhang Wuji believes that later Chengkun, kung fu is not defeated by three buddhist monks.In the “lion slaughter meeting”, When Cheng Kun and Xie Xun fought, Zhang Wuji was watching the battle.Zhang Wuji saw Cheng Kun’s martial arts secretly surprised, zhang Wuji in the original work is such an evaluation of Cheng Kun’s martial arts: “Zhang Wuji felt surprised at the beginning, and saw dozens of moves, immediately understood that Cheng Kun’s martial arts is strong, in fact, is equal to the three monks dujai, Duannan, Due.”Finally lost to The end of the good and evil will be rewarded, Cheng Kun finally lost to the End of the Xie Xie.I think this plot is somewhat reluctant, Zhang Wuji in the war on the sidelines that Cheng Kun’s martial arts are as good as sandu.What is the level of the monk?No matter be Yang Xiao or Fan Yao, cannot single pick one cross.Yang Xiao plus Yin Tianzheng, they barely withstood the ferry, is not the strongest ferry in the three.According to common sense, It is impossible for Him to beat Cheng Kun.In the battle between Xie Xun and Cheng Kun, Xie Xun also knew that he was not the opponent of Cheng Kun, and he adopted the strategy of “defensive counterattack”.And Xie Xun also has an advantage in fighting Cheng Kun, that is, cheng Kun’s kungfu way he is the most clear.Xie Xun has been defending to more than 200 moves, he wanted to use seven injury punch back disadvantage, but were cheng Kun with “Shaolin Jiuyang gong” to resolve.In the critical moment, Sherman seized the opportunity to push Chengkun into the dry well, so even back to the home of The Sherman.Cheng Kun could not see for a while, and his heart was in turmoil, while Xie Xun had been accustomed to the darkness for decades.In the end, Cheng Kun was defeated by Xie Xie, but Xie Xie was so enlightened that he forgiven Cheng Kun, And Xie Xie said: “I should have hit you with 13 punches and 7 wounds.But you have lost all your skill in martial arts, your eyes have gone blind, and you have become useless and can no longer do evil.The rest of the eleven punch, that also need not fight.”