How to learn the Six Lines effectively in 2022

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We have to admit a fact, that is, more and more people are learning math, but fewer and fewer people are believing math. The first half of the sentence is true feeling, the second half of the sentence is blind guess nonsense.But reality seems to be just like this, hold up for this line, mainly those fans, who want to learn a thing or two, said requirements of real people, actually not much, that is to say, to predict the industry, the market is very small, most of the study is to learn a lonely, like a dragon, no place to use.Of course, today is not to talk about the market, mainly to talk about how to learn six lines.In fact, learning this thing should be very simple, but people in unfamiliar areas are often quite timid, afraid of going the wrong way, so I hope to get some guidance from experienced people, so as to avoid detours.In fact, there is not too much about learning, I think there are a few lessons must be done.One is to choose the content of study.It can be said that a hundred schools of thought contend for the same knowledge point, different teachers have different views, gains and losses will not meet, or these teachers will argue red in the face, and even fist and foot each other.For our study, you can not have many directions in your mind at the same time, this person said so, that person said so, you don’t know who to listen to, so let alone break the hexagrams, it is only to confuse yourself.Therefore, to learn the six lines, you must first choose a, in-depth study, as the basis, the core, do not start to look at the east and west, that is a waste of time, and it is difficult to learn.Of course, MY recommendation is “True Interpretation of Ancient Divination”. It is very difficult to find a book that can explain the six lines so clearly in ancient times. It can be used easily and with high accuracy when used.Two is willing to spend time.Learning six lines, must spend a lot of time, not to say casually take a few time to read, intermittent can learn a seven, eight, eight, I have seen too many people, learn to learn what sound.Of course, I can’t blame them. In the adult world, with work and family chores, there is very little time to really settle down and study.So many people can not learn the six lines, is not a matter of interest, IQ, but a matter of time.Therefore, when you are going to learn six Lines, be sure to see if you have so much time. If you do not have so much time, do not expect too much of yourself. Take a look, understand the general, after learning can break the luck or misfortune, even if you have achieved your goal.Third, develop search ability.A lot of people learn things is not what search ability, what all hope to ask others.In the Internet era, most of the six Yao information can be manually searched, and even a lot of internal information is the same. As long as you search carefully, you can basically search for what you want.Do not ask me how to search, I tell you can search, can certainly search, as to how to search, so many platforms, how to search how to search.In fact, in modern times, learning is no longer a matter of learning materials, unlike the ancient times that there is a book that others do not have, after learning, you can be much higher than others, and now the society basically does not exist such a thing.Now there is a lot of social information, the poor is a person’s search ability, once you have the search ability, then the rest is in a dazzling array of information, choose suitable for their own learning materials to go on learning, and ultimately determine how far we can go learning, is our talent, understanding, understanding of the problem.Fourth, increase the opportunity of actual combat.Optics is never possible to learn six lines, six lines is a practical knowledge, you must think of ways to increase the actual practice opportunities for yourself, first from yourself, and then the people around you, and then strangers, with a reputation, you can introduce friends to friends.Don’t be afraid to break the trigrams. In the face of actual combat, there are only four words. No one will be 100% accurate, even masters of all kinds will break the trigrams.Don’t dare to make a final decision because you are afraid of making a wrong decision.Only in actual combat, can we better test the theory we have learned, we can sum up a lot of things belonging to our own.Fifth, be diligent in brain and hands.Learn six lines, can not only take two eyes, you just look at the words, can never really master knowledge.Six yao is a practical tool, the so-called tool, you must master the knowledge of the tool thoroughly, and to thoroughly familiar, a lot of knowledge you must understand on the basis of rote memorization.Without the effort of rote memorization, what is specious, actual combat, is bound to go wrong.From the basic knowledge, the theory set, the classical hexagrams, you more or less have to spend some effort to recite, after reading a chapter of the book, you must be able to tell the main content of the chapter.In order to help us memorize, we should be diligent in taking notes, writing down our impressions after reading, drawing mind maps and so on, so that we can remember more deeply.Sixth, mixing groups should be limited.In fact, six lines of learning the meaning of communication is not much, generally speaking, really willing to communicate people are not much, especially in some groups, awesome people have no time to bubble in the group, the basic noise every day is some half a bucket of water.So, when we join some groups, do not feel that we have entered the paradise of learning, all learning can only rely on our own, communication is a waste of time.Of course, if you do find a mentor, communication can be useful, but I don’t think you can find most people.Spend more time reading and less time hanging out. There’s nothing wrong with listening to me.Learning is best based on interest, so that learning can be lasting and in-depth, if you want to finish learning this to make money, it is not impossible, but with this purpose, it is likely that you will lose motivation halfway.Or return to the beginning of that statement, this line can learn to apply many people, but can learn to make money less and less, especially can earn a lot of less, most people learn this is doomed to be only cut leeks, buy books, classes, worship such as.Can rely on this to make money, there are a lot of factors, can not be too strong.However, by learning this, you can gain the joy of learning knowledge and help yourself or others in life.Therefore, learning this, the state of mind must be stable, do not be too purposeful utilitarian, so that students can not go on learning.