Guangxi police find 10 communication company “inside ghost”

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“Free mobile phone cards and gifts!Come quickly!”In September 2021, police in Yulin, Guangxi Province, received a report from the public that someone was using the “cat pond” equipment to engage in illegal and criminal activities in rental houses in Yulin’s Yuzhou district.Later, yulin police carried out investigation work in accordance with the law and seized five computers and more than 80 mobile phone cards.Where do so many mobile cards come from?Who is the real name registered on the phone card?After further investigation, the police found that the mobile phone cards left at the scene were opened by “a communications limited company”.According to the clue, Yulin police quickly set up a task force.Network security police through layers of verification analysis, gradually find out the internal operators, operators outsourcing communications company, registered network account personnel, network account personnel and other links of the black gray production ecological chain!After investigation, in order to obtain the phone card to a greater extent, the suspect Pang contacted yulin a company chairman zhong mou and a communications company’s general manager level “ghost”, to Maolin town new Village, PI Yao village, Shajing village, town, Luchuan hot spring town, Xingye county and other places to carry out “to the countryside open card activities”.Pang mou they go to the countryside to open the name of the card, take a gift washing liquid, iron pot and other ways to induce the village (living) people for mobile phone card.When many villagers heard of the gift, they went to apply for the card. Due to lack of legal awareness, most of them did not take away the card.In the end, all the mobile phone cards owned by the villagers were sold by the suspects who registered online accounts, operated the “cat pool” equipment, and some of them were sold to the downstream black ash production chain.On October 13, 2021, when the time was ripe to close the net, the task force organized forces to arrest the main members of the gang.On that day evening captured zhong mou, Pang mou, Li Mou and other 4 people.Later, the police arrested 10 people, including two general managers of a communications company and a branch manager of another communications company, who helped handle the card.The main suspect in the case has been transferred to prosecution and could face three to seven years in prison.The public security organ solemnly prompted citizens’ personal information are protected by law any illegal and criminal behavior of infringement of citizens’ personal information will be punished by the law relevant operators should attach great importance to the security risks of specification in this field in the industry and the loopholes in management will improve the regulatory system fight “inside ghost” mo to black ash industry to develop pictures screenshots guangxi Internet police to edit | materials | | networkHe Zhen — END —