Danger!Van fuel tank lid left warm heart!Police on duty to remind

2022-05-03 0 By

On the front line of epidemic prevention and control, the auxiliary police of huangdao Public Security Sub-bureau are working day and night to maintain order and build a solid defense line to protect people’s lives, health and safety.On March 14, police on duty found a van running on the road with its fuel tank lid open and immediately reminded it to eliminate potential safety hazards.On the morning of that day, Wang Zhibo and Zhang Zhongyi of huangdao Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade were on duty at an intersection when they suddenly saw a van coming over with its fuel tank lid open and immediately signaled the driver to pull over.The driver was stopped very surprised, police pointed to the back of the van, the driver this suddenly realized.Originally, the driver of the van after filling up at the gas station, because he was in a hurry, the fuel cap did not tighten, all the way bumpy fell out.The police told the driver of the van that if the fuel cap is open, once there is an open flame or static electricity, it is easy to cause a fire, and the vehicle and the driver and occupant will be in danger.The driver of the van thanked the police for their prompt warning.