Challenge the sound quality ceiling of true wireless headphones?OPPO Enco X2 is set for release on February 24th

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The Enco X2, OPPO’s flagship true wireless headset, will be released on February 24, OPPO announced on Monday afternoon.Also on the previous day, OPPO held SuperDBEE’s second-generation coaxial dual-cell technology communication meeting in Beijing, and IT Home and other media also got a preview of this flagship TWS product to be released.It is worth mentioning that the event was held at modern Sky Studios. At the event, OPPO repeatedly emphasized that the new Enco X2 can bring “studio sound quality” to consumers. It is not hard to see that the OPPO acoustic team is confident in this product.After all, OPPO has 18 years of technical accumulation in the field of acoustics, and OPPO Enco X released a year ago, with coaxial dual-cell design, DBEE3.0 sound system, Dynaudio tuning and other technologies to bring excellent product power is also obvious.So, what are the upgrades for the upcoming OPPO Enco X2?Can you challenge the sound quality ceiling of true wireless headphones?At the event, OPPO detailed the Enco X2 configuration.OPPO believes that the three keys to sound quality for wireless headphones are speakers, wireless transmission, and tuning, so the OPPO Enco X2 has added upgrades in all three areas.First up are the speakers. This time, the Enco X2 is powered by SuperDBEE’s second-generation coaxial dual unit, developed by OPPO in collaboration with Dynaudio.The coaxial dual unit is the standard configuration of wireless high-end Hi-Fi. OPPO believes that the extension limit of the high and low frequency ends of the single full frequency unit is large, and the development of the dual unit can make the drive system have more broadband response characteristics. “coaxial”, simply speaking, means that the tweeter and the woofer are on the same axis.In this way, each sound and its harmonic part can be accurately synthesized, and the sound knot image experience is good and the positioning sense is strong. The sound is more natural and lifelike.In fact, the first generation of OPPO Enco X used coaxial dual cells.The Enco X2 SuperDBEE second-generation coaxial dual unit consists of an 11mm full-frequency drive unit and a 6mm planar four-magnetic treble unit. The 11mm full-frequency drive unit uses a 0.0095mm rare flux-extended LIQUID crystal diaphragm.Compared with the previous generation, the thickness of the diaphragm is reduced by 75%, and the vibration quality of OPPO Enco X2 is reduced by 30%, reaching the industry leading level.OPPO also uses ultra-fine DCCA voice coil, wire diameter is only 0.033mm, about 1/3 of the hair, according to the official description, made with it speaker vibration quality to the extreme, high sensitivity, high resolution, high frequency details.In addition, OPPO also uses strong magnetic neodymium magnet and self-developed sound guide hole design, the former brings more powerful drive, can output high sensitivity, accurate reproduction of audio;The self-developed sound guide hole design can balance and control the air flow state under various applications. By adjusting the air load of the sound unit and matching the characteristics of the driving unit, the sound can be restored to pure nature and the output of various performances is stable.The tweeter unit continues the characteristics of the plane diaphragm family of OPPO high-end earphones. The plane polyester diaphragm can greatly broaden the bandwidth, suppress the segmentation vibration, and make the tweeter more delicate and beautiful.The new custom Sandwich four-magnetic structure is used for the first time in the tweeter unit of true wireless headphones. It achieves high frequency ductility of 40kHz, with an 18% increase in conversion efficiency compared to traditional structures, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces magnetic leakage in limited space.Ultra-light ultra-CCA flat voice coil with 30um diameter reduces vibration quality to the extreme, showing details of high frequency.In addition to SuperDBEE’s second-generation coaxial dual-unit, OPPO Enco X2 adds SUPPORT for LHDC 4.0 HD audio codec and hi-RES Gold Standard certification.With the OnePlus 10 Pro and the upcoming OPPO Find X5 series and other mobile phones, it can achieve a maximum support of 900Kbps, 24bit / 96kHz. In high bit rate mode, the stability is improved by 3 times, minimizing the sound quality loss caused by wireless transmission.In terms of noise reduction, the OPPO Enco X2 has a noise reduction depth of 45dB, compared to 35dB for its predecessor.The OPPO Enco X2’s 45dB noise reduction depth is industry leading in the CURRENT TWS market.In addition, the OPPO Enco X2 uses a combination of highly sensitive microphones and a newly upgraded noise reduction algorithm to achieve 4000Hz UWB human noise reduction, double the previous generation.OPPO Enco X2 supports golden sense of hearing. Through ear canal scanning and hearing compensation, you can intelligently build your own ear canal sound quality compensation model, so that everyone can hear pure cause.In addition, bone conduction voice control, binaural recording and automatic switch between two devices, the experience is fully upgraded.At the press conference, OPPO also revealed that Enco X2 will be tuned by a world music master for the first time. As to who this “mysterious world music master” is, OPPO kept a secret, but from the piano pictures in the PPT, readers should be able to guess.The OPPO Enco X2 True Wireless Noise Canceler will be unveiled on February 24th.