Zhumadian two counties to build airports, the latest news

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By 2025, substantial progress will be made in the construction of a strong civil aviation province, with more than 15 general airports and the establishment of local main base passenger airlines.On January 26, the people’s Government of Henan Province issued the “14th Five-year” Aviation Economic Development Plan of Henan Province (abbreviated as “Plan”), which provides the answer to the future development direction of aviation economy of henan Province.There are more than 15 general airports and more than 3 local main base airlines operating in Zhengzhou.According to the plan, by 2025, the air passenger and cargo transport capacity of the province will reach 50 million person-times and 1.1 million tons respectively.Among them, the air passenger and cargo throughput of Zhengzhou Airport has reached 45 million person-times and 1 million tons respectively, striving to achieve leap-forward upgrade in national ranking.More than 10 domestic and regional passenger express lines have been established, and international and regional passenger routes have reached more than 40 cities.Aviation hub construction, the initial formation of the central Plains airport group pattern covering the province and surrounding areas.The construction of Zhengzhou Airport phase III project, anyang, Shangqiu airport, new pingdingshan, Zhoukou, Huangchuan and other branch airports, reconstruction and expansion of Luoyang, Xinyang airport, promote the relocation of Nanyang airport.The number of general airports has reached more than 15.There are 6 base airlines operating in Zhengzhou Airport, including more than 3 local main base airlines. Zhengzhou Airport ranks among the world’s major cargo hub airports.The comprehensive transportation system of the airport has been further improved, with aviation services covering more than 90% of the province’s population.”Air + high speed rail” “air + highway transport service, formation of high speed railway, intercity railway, urban rail, road network integration and rapid development of passenger traffic network, 1 hour traffic circle cover zhengzhou metropolitan area, 2.5 hours traffic circle covering the entire province scope, 4 hours and transport service network covering major cities in China.The Plan proposes to coordinate the construction and operation management of provincial aviation hubs, coordinate and promote the construction of trunk, branch and general airports, and build a convenient and open airport group in central China.Among them, the deputy hub of Luoyang Zhongyuan Airport group will be built, the third phase of Luoyang Airport project will be constructed, and the layout of Luoyang new airport will be studied timely.According to the Plan, 14 general airports are under construction or under study.In addition, zhengzhou Street, Anyang Yindu, Xinxiang Tangzhuang, Zhoukou Xihua, Anyang Yonghe, Zhongmu Yanming Lake and other six general airport service level will be further improved.By 2035, Zhengzhou Airport will become a world-class aviation hub.The plan also provides an answer to the development direction of Zhengzhou International Aviation Hub.During the “14th Five-year Plan”, zhengzhou International Air Cargo Hub strategic Planning and Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport overall planning will be implemented in an orderly manner to build a global air cargo hub, a modern international comprehensive transportation hub, an aviation logistics reform and innovation pilot zone, and a new power source for the rise of the central region.The first phase of the North Cargo Zone has been completed, with an annual air cargo and mail support capacity of 600,000 tons.We will accelerate the construction of the Third phase of the airport project and other supporting engineering facilities, build the Luxembourg Cargo and aviation Asia-pacific hub project and air rail transit center, complete zhengzhou High-speed Railway South Station, explore the development of air rail combined transportation through special railway lines, and strengthen zhengzhou airport’s capacity to support passenger service facilities.Improve the layout of airport cargo facilities, actively strive to become the auxiliary airport of Beijing Daxing, Shanghai Pudong and other airports, to undertake their overflow of international cargo.We will speed up the pilot project of zhengzhou Airport’s overseas cargo terminal, and plan to build a number of overseas cargo terminals and warehouses in Budapest, Luxembourg, Leipzig and Liege.In terms of cargo, aiming at building an international air cargo hub, the company aims to build an air cargo network that can reach home and abroad and radiate the whole world, open up new routes to Europe and America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Africa and other places, and build an air cargo channel that serves global international trade.Establish local main base passenger airline, make up our province passenger base airline short board.Increase support for passenger and cargo base airlines, and support the construction of Zhengzhou Airport international aviation hub.Multi-garden coordination.Relying on the streets of zhengzhou, anyang, xinxiang China lane of the Yin, anyang yonghe, zhoukou xihua, anyang in Lin, zhengzhou dengfeng, luoyang vie, zhumadian PingYu, shangqiu civil rights has forensics operations or approved general airport under construction, full use of market mechanism, the construction of the distinctive general aviation industrial park, support for other conditions, there is demand for general aviation industrial park planning and construction,Strengthen the linkage with the airport experimental area and the six airport economic zones, and form a new development pattern of the province’s general aviation industry with reasonable spatial layout and coordinated and complementary positioning.We will improve the layout of general airports in the province.Strive for national policy support, guide and mobilize enterprises and social forces, build anyang Linzhou, Zhengzhou Dengfeng, Luoyang Wan ‘an, Zhumadian pingyu, Shangqiu Civil rights and other general airports.Construction of Zhoukou Luyi, Xinyang Mall, Luoyang Luoning, Jiaozuo Mengzhou and other general airports began.Support xinyang Xinxian county, Hebijun County, Jiaozuo Liberated Area, Puyang Nanle, Nanyang Zhenping, Xinxiang Fengqiu, Xinxiang Huixian county and other eligible counties (cities and districts) to actively carry out research on the construction of general airport, and start the preliminary work when conditions are available.General airports or landing points for navigation will be planned and built in key counties (cities), industrial (agricultural) parks and tourist attractions, and general airports will be planned and built in remote areas, old revolutionary base areas and areas with inconvenient ground transportation.We will support some transport airports in adding general aviation facilities, and encourage better-qualified general airports to transform into feeder airports.Give full play to zhengzhou Street Air Show, Central Plains Flight Conference, Anyang Aviation Sports Culture tourism Festival and other brand advantages, and promote the construction of Zhengzhou and Anyang general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zone.To accelerate the construction of General aviation industrial parks in Zhengzhou Street, Zhoukou Xihua and Anyang Yonghe, anyang Aviation Education technology R&D Park, Anyang UAV Industrial Park and Xinxiang High-tech Zone Aviation and Aerospace Industrial Park.Planning the construction of Xinxiang Tangzhuang, Zhengzhou Dengfeng, Anyang Linzhou, Luoyang Wan ‘an, Zhumadian Pingyu, Shangqiu Minquan, Xinyang Dabie Mountain, Luohe Wuyang, Xinxiang Changyuan, Jiaozuo Meng Zhou, Nanyang Yahe and other general aviation industrial park.Support jiaozuo Liberated Area, Puyang Qingfeng, Nanyang Zhenping, Jiaozuo Xiuwu and other counties (cities and districts) to gather and develop the general aviation industry.Establish a national demonstration province for the development of general aviation industry.It is expected that by 2035, zhengzhou Airport will have an annual cargo handling capacity of 5 million tons and an annual passenger handling capacity of 100 million, making it one of the world-class aviation hubs.Timely study and launch the planning site selection of the second Zhengzhou Airport to realize the pattern of “one city and two airports”.The layout of airports in the province is more perfect, forming a coordinated development of modern central Plains airport group.