Winter Olympics train “a pier difficult to find”, train service little sister: is trying to prepare goods

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If asked who is the current “top flow” star Beijing Olympic mascots “ice mound mound” is well-deserved ~ image: a few days before the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival gala at the CCTV Spring Festival gala a twist ass shake snow as it has all the people of the whole country to MOE to turn over the two days is the fire in the great hall of the people all the way from the Olympics opening ceremony image:A Japanese journalist posted pictures of bingdwen Dwen badges he bought during a live broadcast of the event.Fan of CCTV news video, after the prince of Monaco incarnation “brother” in the great hall of the people welcome banquet completed before the start of a dough figurine ice mound mound after request staff “to hold a” as a new international “top stream” winter ice mound mound is now “a pier is hard to find” the games are flagship store merchandise sold out continuously offline lining up to buy also began to purchase, current-limiting friends are appealing to get fasterAfter all, who wouldn’t want to own such a cute ice cube soon?Familiar with friends all know that in Beijing, the Beijing railway bureau group company value multiplied on high-speed trains also has the games merchandise sales according to Beijing Zhang Gaotie sales people on the train since “snow winter jasmine” Renaissance, online many friends buy high iron ticket made a special trip to visit the games train, buy merchandise small make up give you posted here because sales in the past two days is very hotAt present, not only the Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing high-speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing-Tianjin intercity trains and other lines of ice dun dun, snow rong rong peripheral products have been all!Department!Sale!!!Finished!!So friends don’t specifically for pier “” dream ticket blindly and get on well to have tickets to plan and want to buy the games merchandise friend the following a few sales is also very popular and were still the choice of inventory of goods is also worth considering oh ~ holding future, Beijing Olympics broken chao curling type series with curling as furnishing articles furnishing articles,The interior is filled with 100 RMB detritus treated by environmental protection, which is the licensed product developed after the reuse of less RMB detritus in this Winter Olympic Games. It embodies the concept of green Hosting the Olympic Games and means “Hold the future in hand”.Successive winter Olympic emblem badge suit emblem is a classic symbol of witness and commemorate the Olympic Games, carrying the unique memory, this badge suit to the first poster to 23 Olympic winter games, the emblem for the design elements, collected a classic elements of 23 Olympic winter games, to spread the Olympic spirit and value.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics badge kit comes in a box of 15 pieces, including all snow sports. The badges are limited edition and each one has a limited number and can be worn individually.The staff of Beijing Railway Train Service Co., LTD., which is in charge of the sales of licensed goods for the Winter Olympic Games on the train, are doing their best to actively coordinate and stock up the goods. The “dream love Dun” you miss is expected to resume supply gradually after the Festival.In fact, xiaobian also knows a way to have Bing Dwen dwen — as long as you get the top three in the Beijing Winter Olympics, you can get the limited edition Of The Golden Bing Dwen dwen.Don’t stock up!Buy tickets wisely!Spend wisely!Beijing Railway wish friends happy watching the race!Li Shijun, Zhang Yanwei, Yang Yakuan, Chang Xueli, Xing Ziming, Jia Jia, editor/Li Shijun, Guo Xiaoyong Email: These 3 torchbearers of the Winter Olympics are railway people!Opening tonight!How to take the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed railway during the Winter Olympics?Guide to the