Winter Olympics come | Spring Festival I am on duty!Shijingshan “escort”!

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During the Spring Festival, at the time of family reunion, shijingshan district units, each street staff stick to their posts, dedication, give up their homes for everyone, to ensure that the whole area residents have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.The District Urban Management Committee is approaching the Spring Festival and the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In order to comprehensively eliminate all kinds of security risks, the District Urban management Committee has carried out a large-scale inspection of gas safety, focusing on non-resident gas users and encrypting the inspection frequency of gas users within 1 km around the Olympic-involved venues.For those who refuse to rectify hidden dangers, gas supply shall be suspended or gas purchase limited according to law.Up to now, a total of 1,964 non-resident gas users have been inspected, 4,064 potential problems of various kinds have been found, 1,434 potential problems notice sheets have been issued, 546 potential problems have been rectified, 9 households have been cut off from gas, and 206 households have been restricted from purchasing gas.On February 1, the District Urban Management Committee and the Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, together with the gas Company, carried out a comprehensive inspection on the safe use of gas, the training process of operators, nucleic acid testing of cold chain personnel and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in the catering enterprises such as green tea, Huisuoshen chicken soup and Xinxianghui koi in Xilongdo Shopping mall.Some catering enterprises were found to have non-standard records, lax implementation of training system, suspended ceiling between gas pipelines and non-standard gas pipeline direction identification, etc. All of them were required to rectify immediately, and the rectification situation was tracked throughout the whole process to ensure gas safety during the Spring Festival, The Winter Olympic Games and the TWO Sessions.Area fire rescue team, the whole country celebrating this moment together, the shijingshan district fire rescue team the officers left home for you, always fight to hold on the line, to act as guardian wanjiadenghuo, dedicating himself to guarantee people’s safety, to “accurate pre BeiQin, fine grid cruise control, precise linkage response” standard of work,Maximize the elimination of all kinds of safety risks and hidden dangers, and effectively serve as the “night watchman” of Shijingshan.District municipal offices strictly implement various tasks of support, leading cadres are on duty 24 hours a day during the festival, leading group members and support group personnel are on duty, and maintain unimpeded communication.Strictly implement information reporting, duty preparation, emergency response and other work systems, to ensure that all security work in an orderly manner.Adhere to the principle of rapid response and decisive disposal.Ensure sufficient emergency supplies, good mechanical equipment performance, ready to put into use.Once an emergency occurs, the security group should respond quickly, deal with it decisively, and restore the normal use of municipal facilities as soon as possible.During the festival, 4 inspectors, 4 patrol vehicles, 10 patrol personnel, 10 patrol electric tricycles, 12 people on duty to prevent emergency.There are people on duty all day during the festival.Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies and events to take uninterrupted patrol.Strengthen inspection of key roads, inspection of no less than 4 times a day.At the same time, do a good job of underground pipelines to prevent external damage, to ensure the safe and stable operation of municipal facilities.During the Winter Olympics, the Red Five Star Volunteer team will have 1,500 people volunteer for the Winter Olympics.”We are so lucky and honored to be able to volunteer for the Winter Olympics!We will do our best to fulfill our duties and contribute our due strength to the “Double Olympic City” and the West Gate.”Lugu Street Comprehensive administrative law enforcement team to increase street inspection and law enforcement efforts, for the district residents to create a clean, orderly, safe festival environment.Wanda Business District, Wanshang Business District, Tiantian Shopping mall, Seven Star Garden business district and other surrounding “three guarantees in front of the door” environment renovation, strengthen the law enforcement inspection of the above areas, to ensure orderly town during the festival.At the same time, all cover inspections will be carried out on “three types of places” to ensure that normal epidemic prevention and control measures such as code scanning and temperature measurement are in place.In addition, strengthen the residents during the Spring Festival street burning paper persuasion.New Year’s Eve street leaders and street cadres stick to their posts together, leading cadres to sink to 22 communities to comfort the frontline staff, check the implementation of the work.Community cadres (including those sinking in the district) stick to their posts, do a good job in the propaganda of banning fireworks and firecrackers, and carry out fireworks and firecrackers prohibited patrol to ensure the safety and stability of the community.At the same time, we will actively report and register those returning to Beijing, conduct community inspections, and prevent and control the epidemic. With concrete actions, we will build the “first line of defense” for the safety and health of residents, and send warmth to their hearts with our services.Source: District units Lugu Street Editor: Shijingshan Rong Media Center Wang Tingting