“Should pier do pier”, as soon as possible!Jiangsu Manufacturer: Arrangement

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Urban field integrated CCTV news source | the client do not reprint without permission Such as delete source will investigate recently, ice mound mound fire!It became a veritable winter Olympics top flow, strength deduce “a pier hard to find”!More netizens strongly request # please implement a pier #!You can’t buy?I made!Reporters learned that jiangsu Nantong Qidong toy enterprises as the country’s three, the only one in Jiangsu to participate in the design and manufacture of the Winter Olympics mascot.The manufacturer said it received an extra order on a temporary basis last year, with workers working overtime to produce about 50,000 sets of ice and snow mascots for the Winter Olympics.”I didn’t dare produce too much before, but I didn’t expect it to sell so well!”The company also said it plans to start production at full capacity from Early August to maximize the supply of the market in response to the current brisk sales.