Mrs. Wang asked about baoyu pill, originally wanted to sympathize, why overturned?

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Jia Zheng, Mrs. Wang and Jia Baoyu in a Dream of Red Mansions are very interesting.It is said that parents are close relatives, husband and wife are in the same boat, but it is not really a family of three.Jia Zheng in the people moved into the grand view garden, called sons and daughters and nieces lecture.Yingchun, Cherish spring is niece, Tanchun and Jia Huan is born, is not Mrs. Wang’s own, the family structure of this family, actually some complex.At that time, Lady Wang asked Baoyu, “Have you taken all the pills that came here?” She also asked bao Yu, “Take ten more pills, and ask the raider to wait on you every day before you go to sleep.”Why does Mrs. Wang say such things here and now?Do I really need to tell you how to take medicine?What a fine and proper person is, without the advice of the king’s wife.Although Jia Zheng and Jia Baoyu are father and son, they seldom get along with each other.It is even rarer to have such a rare and seemingly homely moment when Jia Zheng does not berate Jia Baoyu.Mrs. Wang mentioned pills at such a moment of time and gold, of course, to gain sympathy for Baoyu.We were waiting for Jia Zheng to ask, What pills should I take?What are the symptoms?Whether ask too doctor to have seen?Does it matter?”As a result, The question for Jia zheng is who attacked him.And from this and scold Jia Baoyu one time: good wench, why to change so difficult name.Lady Wang covered up for Baoyu and lied that it was jia’s mother. Jia Zheng naturally did not believe it.The brief warm scene turned into jia Zheng scolding Bao Yu for not doing proper work and not reading serious articles.Mrs. Wang, who was trying to win sympathy for her legitimate son, did not expect to shoot herself in the foot and immediately overturned the car.Why is this so?First, different educational concepts have different attitudes.Jia zheng and his son had little affection for each other and advocated strict disciplining with sticks.Mrs. Wang indulged so much that baoyu coughed that she could not wait for a hundred doctors to take turns to see her.And Jia Zheng?I think it’s a minor illness, not worth being pampered with.What’s more, Jia Baoyu was standing right in front of Jia Zheng.No pain, healthy, very normal.If Jia Baoyu is really seriously ill, Mrs. Wang and others must have informed Jia Zheng, not to this time around the news.So Jia Zheng can understand naturally, but what does not matter tonic, not worth nervous about.Second, the difference in educational level.If Mrs. Wang knows “attack people” two words will be exposed, she definitely will not take the initiative to attack people, more will not be so clumsy pull Jia mother out of the pot.Jia Zheng and Jia Baoyu are scholars, know this name is not an ordinary wench.Jia mansion in most wench, all call caiyun, caixia, gold excepting son, jade excepting son, yuanyang.But from the “flower air attack people know the day warm” attack, the name obviously does not belong to this list.In this context, it is easy to arouse alarm.Perhaps, this sounds in Jia Zheng, like a female “pen Pal” prostitute bosom friend’s name.Naturally, they should ask questions.In the final analysis, Mrs Wang hopes jia Zheng to baoyu extreme care, can only be extravagant hopes.